Picture of Chef Yuda Bustara
Chef Yuda Bustara is one of young and talented chefs in the country. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA

Chef Yuda Bustara has attracted a lot of attention with his simple, healthy and tasty cooking concept. NOW! Jakarta met the host of Asian Food Channel’s Urban Cook show in his modest kitchen.

Included in the ranks of young-talented chef in the country, Yuda Bustara is not only blessed with masterful cooking skills but also with good communication skills. He supported NOW! Jakarta’s BRBCA 2019 as guest celebrity chef during the gala award night.

Yuda creates many healthy food recipes with simple cooking methods that are perfect for everyone to try, especially urbanites who are busy with their routines. And it not just showing his cooking skill, Yuda wants to rectify the wrong view in society about healthy food.

Yuda, who is currently collaborating with many brands and the government as well as embassies for culinary diplomacy and preparing a documentary film about Indonesian cuisines, invites foodies and food enthusiasts to come to his newly-renovated kitchen in Bintaro. He said that the kitchen can be used for various events, such as private dining, cooking demonstration, video and photo shooting, and also practicing cooking with friends or community.

“Anyone who is interested in culinary can come to my kitchen, especially for moms in between tending to their kids’ activities. They can learn cooking or just food tasting here. The kitchen is very homey and comfortable, completed with proper equipment. Feel free to contact directly via Instagram DM (@yudabustara) or email, ” Yuda’s invitation goes.

Sari Widiati

Sari Widiati

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