Duta Fine Arts Foundation is well known for its commitment to expose Indonesian young artists to a wider audience by regularly hosting various exhibitions. The gallery’s most recent exhibition “Give a Smile to Children” by painter Ira Nata Pradja runs through April 9.

The exhibition showcases 65 contemporary abstract paintings and five installations by Pradja. Each artwork represents a playful and lively spirit, evident in the bold colours, strokes and elements. The combination of vibrant colours and varied shapes in Pradja’s paintings conbey a sense of wittiness and a fearless mind, which are traits commonly associated to the unspoiled and raw passion one can find in children.

In accordance to the theme, all the profits of this exhibition will be donated to Gita Eklesia Foundation, an orphanage that focuses on educating and caring for children who have experienced trauma. Many children who live under the care of Gita Eklesia are victims of the Maluku sectarian conflict and domestic violence. At the foundation, these children undergo psychiatric rehabilitation as an effort to overcome their painful trauma so they are no longer trapped in agonizing resentment and can finally move on with their lives. Approximately 35 children from the foundation were attending the exhibition’s opening and entertained the guests – friends from international embassies, art institutions and more – with a heartfelt musical performance.

Coinciding with the exhibition opening, Pradja also launched her biography titled “Contemporary Abstractions”, published by Hexart Publishing. In the book, Pradja says that she first became interested in art when she married French artist Dhaimeler, who until now has a profound influence on her work.

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