What was once the mainstay dining venue at Horison Suites & Residents Rasuna, Mezza Restaurant has been rebranded as Santan Restaurant. This unveiling was the flagship opening of what will be the signature restaurant for all units of Horison Hotels Group throughout Indonesia.

“The name Mezza Resto itself has been used for 17 years and today we are together to witness a historic changing of its name to Santan Restaurant,” said Asep Saepudin, General Manager of Horison Suites & Residences Rasuna Jakarta at the inauguration on 27 March.

The name santan (coconut milk) was chosen because it is one of the staple ingredients in Indonesian cuisine. It is used in both savoury dishes, like Opor Ayam or Soto Betawi, as well sweets and desserts from the classic Es Teler to Biji Salak and Bubur Sumsum. Thus, it is perhaps one of the most ubiquitous elements of Indonesian food, found in dishes throughout the archipelago. As such, it symbolic and representative of the Indonesian specialities the restaurant will serve in all of the Horison Hotels Group units across the country.

“As a corporate from the Horison hotel, of course we are very happy that in the end we rebranded our restaurants to become a Santan Restaurant that meets the standards of the Horison Group,” said Ratu Patimasang, Corporate Director of Marcomm, Horison Hotels Group.

Santan serves an extensive array of comfort Indonesian food, focusing on authentic flavours of each regional and local dish. Whilst authenticity is paramount for the culinary team, dishes are served with modern presentations. Of course, with guests coming from around the world, Santan will also have an international selections featured on their menu, appealing to a broad range of tastes and palates.

You can savour the flavours of the all-new Santan Restaurant at Horison Suites & Residents Rasuna, before it rolls out across the country.

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