With meticulous planning from the ground up to represent their vision of the perfect wellness eatery where people can enjoy wholesome and nutritious foods, LDS Lifestyle Group presents their brand new eatery Terra, conceptualised with the aim to simplify the notion of ‘eating healthy’ to the basics, drawing inspiration from mother earth. 

There’s a misconception about ‘eating healthy’ among the public that makes most of us hesitate to truly follow the lifestyle. But in a post-pandemic world where many have had an awakening about how crucial maintaining health is, and how much harder it is to cure than to prevent illness, eating healthy has become a necessity. 

Most people think that healthy foods don’t have much variety, and come with a lot of restrictions that can make the dishes aren’t as tasteful and boring. LDS Lifestyle Group, a company that focuses on hospitality, knows the importance of making healthy eating fun and appetizing to gather people’s interest into making a healthy change. 

What makes Terra one-of-a-kind is their variety of food and drinks, specially curated to keep you satiated, you can indulge in their range of all-day breakfasts, salads and gourmet wraps, or opt for their Build-Your-Own bowl with a selection of freshly cooked dishes. All you have to do is choose your carb base (quinoa, rice, shirataki or whole-wheat pasta), proteins of your preference and finally your vegetables and sauce. To make the menu even more exciting, each and every item on display is prepared differently each week. 

If you want to try their a la carte menu, do not miss out on their new Smoked Salmon Focaccia Tartine with mixed garden greens, olive tapenade, tomato confit, coconut flakes and lemon dressing along with many more exciting dishes. Rest assured they have a ton of other vegan options such as their vegan protein burger and vegetarian pita sandwich. Leave it to Terra to make your culinary adventure healthy and guilt-free.

Those with a sweet tooth have no need to worry, at Terra, they provide an entire range of in-house made goodies in the retail section of their restaurant. Delve into their homemade cookies, which are made using whole natural ingredients and sweetened with honey. Or if you want something more refreshing you can cool down with their low-calorie and sugar-free gelato, from strawberry to pistachio and salted peanut butter, all made with premium ingredients. Terra is truly here to bring down the misconceptions about healthy eating and prove to us all that yes, it is possible to eat deliciously while maintaining your health.

Terra also offers a special meal plan program tailored specifically to your own needs, freshly prepared and sent right to your doorsteps daily. This program is perfect for those who are interested in losing weight, putting on some muscles or just trying to live that complete and healthy eating. After all, one of Terra’s goals is to make a healthy lifestyle that is fun and easy. 

Opening hours: Monday – Sunday from 07.00 AM – 09.00 PM 

Terra by LDS Lifestyle

Jl. Suryo No. 32, Senopati, Jakarta 12180

WhatsApp : +628111138662

Instagram : @terra.eats 

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