Fact: Jakarta’s Coastal Communities Are Threatened In The Fastest Sinking City In The World.

Over the last 30 years, the northern parts of Jakarta have been sinking underwater at a dramatic pace, as a result of excessive exploitation of the aquifers by an ever-growing population, aggravated by enduring sea-level rise due to climate change. This situation already has a direct impact on the life of the most vulnerable communities, forced to relocate or to live with frequent coastal inundation, as they lack the appropriate adaptive capacities.

To raise public awareness on this issue and foster collective action, a group of artists, an NGO and eco-conscious individuals have joined forces to set up an ambitious project in the North of the City: The Think City Project

Their Action: Using Art to Scale Up Social & Environmental Impact in North Jakarta

1.8 million people living in coastal neighbourhoods already, or soon-to-be, submerged 25% of the capital city could disappear underwater by 2050 Jakarta is sinking at an average of 10 to 20 cm per year, twice the global average of coastal megacities. ThinkCity Project aims to raise public awareness on Jakarta’s dramatic ‘sinking’ phenomenon, through the use of street art and sobering art installations and raise funds for the communities living in high

risks area. By highlighting the reality, the initiative aims to involve local artists to develop compelling artistic narratives and foster engagement.

In April 2022, the team started the production of the communication content to present the project: website, teaser video and search for sponsors and partners (NGOs, communities, artists’ collective, public and private institutions). A financing campaign has been launched by the search for other partners and sponsors.

A Dual Purpose

Raise Public Awareness: To raise public awareness on environmental and social issues in North Jakarta through art and a widespread digital communication campaign.

 Support Marginalised Communities: By collecting funds for GKIndonesia, an NGO working with the population located in affected areas with a long term vision.

The Target

Raising awareness among Indonesian youth aged 18-35:
• Connected to influential social networks
• Poorly informed of social and environmental issues in North Jakarta
• With an interest in art, creativity and content creation

A Flagship Event to Build Momentum

The artistic event will take place on 8 and 9 October in two locations in the north of the city:

– Cilincing and Marunda, two fishermen’s villages, where the local population is directly affected by the floods and the sinking of reclaimed land.

– the Masjid Waladuna Muara Baru, which is already submerged and an iconic image of Jakarta being under water.

An Artistic Demonstration

A dozen street artists present to paint murals on the identified walls during the event. The murals will be a representation highlighting the social and environmental issues happening north of the city. In addition to bringing art in this neglected area, a short documentary produced by Hadua Production will showcase the artists’ work, the stakeholders’ goals, GK activities and provide a platform for the local communities to voice their opinions toward this ‘sinking’ issues and the ThinkCity initiative.

The Involvement Of Local Populations

Meeting the local populations and create a moment of sharing with the artists and NGOs, to

understand their needs and their daily reality. The murals are both artistic works and direct testimonies of these vulnerable populations, and will be the beginning of a long term collaboration between the artists and GK’s communities.

A Main Awareness Event

Several stakeholders will be invited during the event to connect with the local context and raise awareness on environmental and social issues. Several potential initiatives will be done: talks organized with GK Indonesia and its actions in the north of the city, involvement of educational activities for children, workshops and explanation of the support projects carried on by GK.

Support of Local Development

The funds will be collected by GK Indonesia, an NGO assisting the people living Rusunawas (low income housing areas) and helping them in a constructive way. The goal is to create a sustainable movement that allows people who wish to do so to get involve and to support an initiative that makes sense, both in content and form.

Gerakan Kepedulian (GK Indonesia)

As project leader, GK Indonesia (Gerakan Kepedulian) is a foundation that aims to empower communities living in poverty via programs in Education, Health, Productivity, Infrastructure

and Community Organizing. Through these programs, GK Indonesia builds cultured, productive, self-sustaining and strong communities.

Among their actions, GK Indonesia is working on building a sustainable ecosystem for populations relocated in Rusunawas around Jakarta.

The Rusunawas are low rent apartment complexes built by the Jakarta government for

under-privileged families who are relocated from flood-prone areas in the city, such as in riverbanks and beside rail tracks, under the bridges and overpasses. GK is handling community empowerment programs while managing and coordinating various

programs of the government, other foundations, private sector partners and other volunteers -in Education, Health, Infrastructure, Productivity.

The fundraising campaign aims to support the action of GK in helping communities that have been relocated because of floods happening in North Jakarta.

The Rusunawa Marunda and Rusunawa Daan Mogot are two complexes of several buildings gathering around 3500 units and more than 6500 people in total. Those people have been relocated from Muara Baru areas that have been submerged by water over the years.

After they have been relocated, GK gets involved in order to support the local population to find new economic opportunities, health facilities, educational and social activities. GK aims to build a sustainable environment for every family so that they can feel safe, independent and confident regarding the future.

By collecting funds, GK Indonesia will be able to carry on its programs in Rusunawa Marunda and Daan Mogot. GK activities are divided into 4 pillars, all reaching the same purpose: developing a safe and sustainable environment for communities from North Jakarta: social development, education, economic independence, and environmental restoration.

Social development
Develop solidarity and a set of strong values among the community

Create opportunities for every child Different NGOs and organizations are involved in Rusunawa Marunda and Daan Mogot, all linked with GK activities: Batik Marunda, Bank Sampah, Public Schools and Puskesmas. GK will carry out several activities in order to support with a long term vision the vulnerable communities.

Economic independence
Ensure economic independence for each family

Develop green initiatives to create a sustainable environment.

Following the event, Gardu House artists, in collaboration with GK, will offer art and drawing classes to build relationships with young people in GK communities and to continue the exhibition of their work. These classes will follow up the painting of the mural created at the event, to carry on the ThinkCity initiative in the following months. The children of GK will have the opportunity to interact through art with their environment and better understand the sinking phenomenon that Jakarta is facing. Other types of long-term collaboration are being considered (monthly Batik Marunda workshops for young

high school students in partnership, production and sale of T-shirts with the artists’ works with Gekko, the GK youth association, creation of NFT works with Balicollective.org, partnership with Sea Walls in Bali).

For more information and to find out how to support, please contact ThinkCity

WhatsApp: +62-821-2979-2759
Email: thinkcity.jkt@gmail.com
Instagram: @thinkcity.jkt

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