As we approach the festive season, where beautiful traditions around Christmas unfold, it is important to remember that this holiday season is more than just twinkling lights and carols. Christmas carries an essence of something profound too, which is the spirit of giving and sharing love.

These bazaars are more than just commercial ventures; they are living, breathing entities that represent the spirit of Indonesia’s gotong royong. Whether it’s supporting local artisans, empowering marginalised communities, or ensuring a warm meal for those in need, they serve as bridges connecting the privileged with the less fortunate. So let’s venture this list of bazaars in Jakarta that can make your holiday season a time of compassion and boundless generosity!

British Women Association Christmas Bazaar 2023

The BWA’s Christmas Bazaar will be held on 24 November 2023 at the Grand Kemang Hotel from 09.00 AM until 03.00 PM. This Christmas Bazaar will bring over 120 vendors, coming from Jakarta, Bali and Bandung. Selling various goods from Homewares, Christmas Decoration, Fashion, Jewellery and many more, BWA Bazaar is the perfect answer for those looking to buy a Christmas present. There will be Raffles, as well as Homemade Cakes and Treats, baked by the members themselves, adding a personal touch to the bazaar.

White Elephant stalls are also opening their shops with all revenues from the sales going directly to the charities supported by the BWA. This event is open to the public with an entrance fee of IDR 50,000 per person. For more information please follow @bwajakarta on Instagram.

Christkindl-Markt Christmas Bazaar 2023 (German Bazaar)

Since December 1988, Foundation Die Brücke Jakarta has brought the German Christmas traditions through their Christkindl-Markt Christmas bazaar. Originally conceived as a means for members to share the joy of Christmas, the Christkindl-Markt has transformed into something much grander– it has become a significant fundraising opportunity that supports various social projects close to Die Brücke Jakarta’s heart. Guests can enjoy authentic displays of German, Austrian and Swiss cultures, from delectable delights such as homemade cakes to traditional German foods, as well as mulled wine, cookies and confectionery that will bring you a genuine taste of European Christmas.

This year, the enchanting Christkindl-Markt will be held at Hotel Borobudur on 25 November 2023, starting at 1pm. For a nominal entrance fee of Rp. 50,000 per person (with children under 12 entering for free). Children are in for a treat, as there will be a photo booth with Sankt Nikolaus, creating cherished mementos of the day’s celebrations. Do not miss their popular Lucky Draw, known as ‘Tombola’ in German, that will add more excitement to this already joyous occasion. Follow @diebrueckejakarta on Instagram to get the latest updates.

Jakarta Intercultural School Annual Bazaar

The JIS Annual Bazaar is a year-end bazaar held purely by the Parents-Teacher Association committee of Jakarta Intercultural School. Held at JIS annually around the end of November – early December, this delightful event is an exciting opportunity for a one stop shopping destination for the JIS Community. Consisting of over 2000 students, 300 teachers from more than 60 different nationalities, this event strives to introduce the International communities to the Jakarta and Indonesian cultures.

The vendors in this bazaar are contrived from local small businesses who had been through an extensive curation process, meeting the standard of health and environment that JIS upholds. Offering items from Arts & Crafts, Wellness, Accessories, Fashion (namely Indonesian traditional clothing) as well as Food & Beverages sections, guests can browse through endless options. At the JIS Bazaar, student performances and games such as Raffles and Silent Auctions are ready to light up the entire event. Foundations and Clubs with noble causes will also open their stalls, perfectly echoing the giving and sharing spirit of Christmas. For more information regarding this bazaar please follow @JIS_PTA on Instagram.

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