NOW! Jakarta recently sat down with Director of Premier Bintaro Juniwati Gunawan to discuss the leading hospital’s latest features.

Juniwati Gunawan, Director of Premier Bintaro. Photos by Raditya Fadilla

In a thriving city like Jakarta, where healthcare is in abundance, which hospital is the best for your individual needs? If you are in need of a specific treatment like vascular reconstruction or treatments for bones and muscles, Premier Bintaro is the right choice.

Originally established in 1998, Premier Bintaro Hospital is known for its comprehensive services that focus on advanced technology. The hospital received the Joint Commission International (JCI) award in 2011, 2014 and 2017 for the highest safety and quality care services. 

Tell us about the scope of your work and initiatives you’ve been involved with at Premier Bintaro Hospital.

As the Director of the hospital, as well as the representative of medical and health practitioner, my role is not only to organise but also oversee the medical and health services and the daily activities of healthcare facility. I am also responsible for implementing and maintaining revenue-generating strategies and strengthening the health status in the communities we serve. 

Could you tell us a little bit about the latest healthcare development, programmes or innovations at Premiere Bintaro?

We are dedicated to delivering the highest level of care and compassion, treatment and rehabilitation with the best possible chance of positive outcomes. As of now, we are offering the most current technology, much of which has been made recently in the field of vascular surgery and orthopedic recovery.

Our medical practitioners continue to actively research new techniques and best practices for the treatment and management of conditions such as high-risk of varicose veins in the legs and feet, vascular trauma and deep vein reconstruction in the aorta (the main artery of the body, supplying oxygenated blood to the circulatory system).

Moreover, we provide special treatment for orthopedic impairment which involves physical disabilities in the hands, hips, spine and knee. Featuring a team of orthopedic specialists of diverse competencies and along with modern equipment and integrated services, we offer Sports Clinic to help patients at every level. 

Hospitals and healthcare systems are responsible for keeping people healthy, but what about keeping the planet healthy? Tell us about the hospital’s commitment to sustainability.

Premier Bintaro Hospital has committed to becoming a green hospital by focusing on effective management of waste to improved patient benefits, and most importantly, to make the world a better place. Some of the eco-friendly initiatives we have been doing include technology that enables staff or patients to operate more efficiently, including going paperless, among others. 

Any future projects you are excited to share with us?

We are currently striving for a comprehensive program of care for older adults as known as Geriatrics. In addition, we are developing the newest technology concept for spinal sugery (scoliosis), a pioneer in the Asia-Pacific region. Premier Bintaro Hospital offers a service through a new patient-centered facility and in the community we serve. Our commitment continues throughout the hospital and in every primary care program.

Premier Bintaro Hospital 

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