Well-known since 1987 as a watch brand that delivers precise, safe and sporty timekeeping options for the little ones, Flik Flak presents it’s Going to School collection to welcome the new term.

Two girls wearing smiling and drawing while wearing Flik Flak watches.
Flik Flak watches offer various watch designs perfect for all kids. Photo courtesy of Flik Flak/NOWJAKARTA

A brand conceptualized with every kids’ needs in mind, Flik Flak has been keeping kids everywhere on track since 1987. It was the first child’s watch to translate the concept of telling the time into accessible fun and entertainment. The Flik Flak watches are all Swiss made, featuring colourful plastic and polishable plastic glass. Their power comes from Swiss quartz movements and protected by shock-resistant cases so the wearer can stay active throughout the day. Textile straps are machine-washable at a temperature of up to 40° C. Flik Flak is a brand of the Swatch Group, the world’s largest watch producer and distributor, with 160 production sites in Switzerland.

The brand’s signature mascots, Flik and Flak are an energetic brother and sister pair that lead busy lives of helping kids everywhere to tell the time. Their main personality include punctuality, creativity and an outgoing spirit, and these are reflected in the uniqueness of Flik Flak products that are always inspired by time, fashion and high appeal to children’s tastes. 

Flik Flak makes learning to tell the time as easy as ABC, or counting up to three. BLUE AB34 has a blue and green colour scheme with some little white surprises in between. PINK AB34 repeats lesson one with the help of clouds, rainbows, bulldogs and sparkling gemstones. After mastering the basics, pupils graduate to doodling and dreaming with a flourish. 

It’s back-to-school season, and the Flik Flak is here to make sure your little one’s timekeeping needs are cared for! Flik Flak’s Going to School collection provide watches for kids to get the ready to score top marks throughout the new semester.

WOW YEAH is walking in the sunshine with smiles, speech bubbles and mini-monsters. WOW LOVE walks on the wild side in the company of unicorns with glitter and sparkle leading the way. Learning and fun continue outside the classroom as playtime hits the schedule. STAFETTI presents some teacher-friendly graffiti as flowers, butterflies and even stars made of Swarovski crystals dance across the strap, attracted by the glimmering dial. BALLTIME is a great catch for sports fans. From basketball to tennis, soccer to rugby, watch out for a portable tournament timed to perfection.

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