Italy – The Land of Wines

Around 800 BCE, the Greeks landed in southern Italy and found that the inhabitants of this land were already growing grapes and drinking wine. It was very much part of their everyday life, so much so that the Greeks named this country ‘Oenotria’, the land of wines! Wine has been produced in Italy for over

East Meets Wines: Pairing with Asian Cuisine

Leading up to this year’s Chinese New Year celebrations I received many questions about what wines pair best with Chinese food. As you can imagine, many dishes from this rich and flavourful cuisine won’t find a good pairing, but a handful result in some surprisingly delicious combinations! Firstly, let’s get to back to the fundamentals

Review: Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines of 2023

It’s always exciting to see the ‘Wine Spectator’s Top 100 Wines list’, which for the year 2023 was revealed in November 2023. These wines were judged based on quality, value, availability and ‘excitement’. Wine Spectator is an American magazine that specialises in wine, wine culture and wine ratings, founded in 1976 by Marvin R. Shanken.

Prosecco: Understated and Underrated 

When one thinks of sparkling wines, so quickly we think of Champagne, but in fact Prosecco is the world’s most popular fizz! Prosecco is the Italian-born bubbly and it may surprise you to know that its is the highest exported sparkling wine by volume in the world. According to the official report by Prosecco DOC

Good Wines, Good Times – Good Karma!

Wine expert and NOW! columnist, Widya, heads to the cliffs of Uluwatu, Bali, to review the own-branded wines of the renowned Karma Group, settling into Karma Kandara resort’s di Mare Restaurant with Chef Joseph Antonishek. It took me a moment to fully appreciate the spectacular clifftop views, high above the Indian Ocean, when I arrived

Australian Reds

Widya’s Wines: Amazing Australian Reds

Australia has a large land mass area which provides more than ample area for a diverse range of climates, with the main growing region having both warm and hot climates, due to latitude. This condition is perfect for so many different grape varieties but especially for red wine which needs more power on ripening of

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