Ketoprak Recipe: Rice Noodles and Vegetable Salad with Peanut Sauce

Celebrate Jakarta's 493rd birthday by cooking your own version of the city's traditional food: Ketoprak! Taken from Chef Petty Elliott's cooking book, you can now prepare your own version of this healthy food. Ketoprak is a classic dish from Betawi consisting of rice cake, rice noodles and bean sprouts served in peanut sauce. The raw garlic

Coconut Brulee with Cinnamon, Warm Banana and Sweet Potato Crisps

  Coconut Brulee with Cinnamon, Warm Banana and Sweet Potato Crisps This dessert is inspired by kolak, a banana and sweet potatoes dish cooked in coconut milk, cinnamon and pandan leaves. This version is similar in taste but totally di!erent in texture. Coconut Brulee with Cinnamon, Warm Banana and Sweet Potato Crisps Serves: 8 Ingredients:

Twice-cooked Chicken Drumstick with Pandan and Curry Leaves

  Twice-cooked chicken drumstick with pandan and curry leaves. This is one the best version of fried chicken ever. I personally try to avoid fried food but it is hard to resist a piece of golden, deep-fried chicken drumstick. It is important to simmer the chicken on low heat to let all the spices infuse.

Pepes Ikan: Grilled Spiced Red Snapper in Banana Leaf

Pepes Ikan by Petty Elliott. Photos courtesy of Petty Elliott/NOWJAKARTA This dish is not as difficult to master as you think. If you don’t have to time to barbeque, simply put the fish in the oven or steamer and cook for around 10-12 minutes, or steam for 10-12 minutes. This recipe is not spicy at

The Technology of Food

On a crowded, climate-changing planet, food is a very hot issue. Our supermarket shelves are groaning with choices from all over the world, irrespective of seasons and almost irrespective of distance. Local Malang apples, often more expensive, compete with mountains of Ambrosia, Granny Smith and Gala varieties from the US and New Zealand.   Such

Enduring Love in Ubud

Petty Elliott had a rare chance to stay at this jewel on Bali’s Ayung River. The patron saint of happy couples and blissful marriages would have been inspired. The word ‘love’ in all its interpretations is evident across so many aspects of this five-hectare estate on the west bank of the Ayung River, south of Ubud.

Celebrating Food with Jakarta’s International Epicurean

Petty Elliott sat down with some of the best chefs in Jakarta to get their thoughts on food and beyond. Read more to find out what goes on in the minds of Gilles Marx, Chef Founder of Amuz Gourmet Restaurant; Sean Macdougall, Executive Chef of The Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place and Oskar Urzelai, Chef of

OKU, A Celebration of Exquisite Modern Japanese Cuisine

If you think you know Japanese cuisine as beautifully presented raw or cooked seafood, a trip to OKU will reveal that there is so much more to enjoy, writes Petty Elliott. Some of us like the comfort food value of ramen, even shabu-shabu, karaage and yakitori. Then there are the ‘bento box’ fans. Perhaps you

Talita Setyadi, Indonesia’s Pastry Queen

Petty Elliott discovers how a music graduate found a successful career as pastry chef and entrepreneur. Talita Setyadi spent much of her childhood and student days in New Zealand. Her first love was music and jazz in particular, but her passion shifted in a completely different direction: into the culinary world and specifically the creation of

Creating Tasty Food Out Of Waste

Petty Elliott discovers a delicious way to make precious food go further. Spiralized vegetable cores aquafaba salad cream, spinach stalks, cucumber seeds and skins “Think of the hungry children on the street.” There goes a saying commonly heard among frustrated parents – especially in Asia – trying to make sure their children eat properly at

Meeting The Indonesian Spice Sisters

Barely a year after winning the Australian TV food competition My Kitchen Rules, Melbourne-based sisters Tasia (27) and Gracia Seger (26) are finding themselves busier than ever, touring Australia and attending food and wine expos, giving private dinners and appearing at events linked to My Kitchen Rules, as well as launching their own sate sauce.

Celebrate Eid Al-Fitr With Betawi Cuisine

Eid al Fitr or Idul Fitri, a fete marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan, is the biggest celebration for Indonesian Muslims. Like in any other celebration, food plays a very important role on Idul Fitri. In Indonesia, there are many regional dishes that are appropriate, or commonly reserved, for such a momentous

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