Blitar – Tales of Intrigue in East Java

Photos by David Metcalf/NOWJAKARTA Blitar is a quiet, friendly town in East Java. From mystical lakes with god-fish legends to the stunning Bung Karno Museum honouring the founder of Indonesia, it is full of history and intrigue, as well as colourful characters. At the entrance to the Bung Karno Museum and Library, a beautifully framed large

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Bali’s Amorous Escapes

When the lounging on glittery sand and savouring cocktails at sunset have been ticked off the date list, perhaps its time to take the intimacy to the next level. Here we share some of the island’s unparalleled romantic escapes and stays that encourage you and your loved one to explore not only Bali, but also

Best of Celebes

Manado and Makassar promises pristine beaches, gorgeous coastlines, historical sites, cultural vibrancy, culinary delights, genuine local hospitality and modern urban lifestyle. One of the most compelling islands in the country, Sulawesi, charms travellers across the globe with its mountainous interiors cloaked in a dense jungle. This island was a special site for British scientist, Alfred

Subak – The Spirit behind Rice Cultivation

Subak is Balinese traditional water management. Photos by Gerda Kassing/NOWJAKARTA The jewel-like perfection and beauty of Bali’s rice terraces illustrate that it is not just about a crop, giving food and prosperity to the farmers. For over a thousand years, this cascading landscape has been shaped by men in accordance with nature and the gods.

A Road Trip to the West Coast of Java

Sunsets are always stunning in the west coast of Java. Photos by Rintang Azhar/NOWJAKARTA Starting from the zero-kilometre mark of the Great Post Road, roll down the window of your car to appreciate the endless nautical beauty of Anyer littoral zone that spans through its long coastline. Taking a two-hour road trip to the west

The Joys of the Harvest Festival in East Belitung

While Belitung island is unquestionably home to the most secluded and beautiful collection of beaches, it’s also remarkably known for diverse cultural heritage, ranging from thanksgiving celebrations to folk festivities. This year, the province successfully held its most anticipated event, bringing in more than 4,000 visitors. The perfomance of Alu Besantok played by Sanggar Tembang

Sunset Spots in Bali

Envision Balinese cliffs, golden beaches, and glorious ocean vistas—Bali’s tropical sunsets are second to none. The island of the Gods has harboured an ardent crowd hunting for the island’s best seat to revel in the sunset spectacle. Ji Terrace By The Sea in Canggu, Bali is one of the best spot to witnes sunset in

Brilliantly Designed Mosques in Indonesia

During the national coordination meeting at Muslimat Nahdlatul Ulama last January, the then Vice President of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla, who is also the chairman of Indonesia Mosque Council (DMI) stated that there are more than 800,000 mosques around the country. The government aims to develop and curate Muslim places of worship to be promoted as destination for halal tourism.

Medan, North Sumatra’s Hidden Charm

North Sumatra’s capital city, is often overlooked thanks to its gridlocked streets and industrial feel. Long regarded as a stopover en route to more glamourous destinations in the province, a closer look yields some delightful treasures. Little India in Medan. ulturally, this is a diverse city with Batak people, Chinese and Tamils originally from India who

Magical Places: Hindu Water Sanctuaries of East Java

Water is often called the elixir of life. It also plays an essential role in religious practice, especially in Hinduism where  it is considered to have spiritual cleansing powers. Even today, sacred bathing spaces, such as Belahan and Jolotundo in East Java are used for purification ceremonies. About a one-hour drive from Jolotundo are the

A Spiritual Experience with an Ocean View

Think of an end-of-the-world spot, think Pacitan! These rugged and remote beaches in the southwestern province in East Java are not only beautiful, they are truly magical. Around 7 beaches are stretching along the sparsely populated Pacitan coastal line. In total unity there is a Hindu Temple, a Kebatinan place of worship and a Mosque,

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