To celebrate Chinese New Year this year, Kota Kasablanka Mall hosts Pasar Taon Baru (New Year Market), a pop up market that offers different cultural attractions and products, until 18 February, 2018.

Yeni Wahid opens Pasar Taon Baru at Kota Kasablanka Mall. Photo by Rintang Azhar/NOW!JAKARTA

Collaborating with the Association of Peranakans Chinese Indonesia (ASPERTINA), visitors are invited to learn more about cross cultural exchange by experiencing a number of cultural products and arts.

Peranakan Chinese culture and heritage is portrayed every weekend through performances such as Tarian Seribu Tangan (Thousand Hands Dance), Barongsai Performance, Rampak Gendang, Wayang Potehi, Lenggang Nyai Dance, Gambang Kromong and a Peranakan fashion show.

Besides the traditional heritage showcase, Pasar Taon Baru will also invite contemporary artists like Shanghai Jazz, Guzheng Instrumental and Erthu Live Performance to take to the stage. Additionally, visitors can buy handcrafted products as a souvenirs or gifts for a memorable Chinese New Year celebration with family and friends.

Barongsai boys will be performed at Pasar Taon Baru Kota Kasablanka Mall. Photo by Rintang Azhar/NOW!JAKARTA
Barongsai gets closer to audience to spread prosperity and love. Photo by Rintang Azhar/NOW!JAKARTA

Visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy the special “50% Dining Cashback” programme at Food Society Kota Kasablanka, a promotion for culinary outlets at the mall, until 2 March, 2018. 

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Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

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