Kérastase, the exclusive hair and scalp treatment series from French cosmetics company L’Oréal, officially launched four new products to to prevent hair loss and dandruff called New Specifique.

Kerastase for Shiny Hair and Healthy Scalps (2)

Formulated with L-Carnosine, Moringa, and Vitamin E, those with dandruff issues can apply Anti-Pelliculaire or Anti-Dandruff, Anti-Chute or Anti-Hair Loss to deal with hair loss and promote hair growth, Anti-Inconforts or Anti-Discomforts to soothe an itchy scalp, and Anti-Gras or Anti-Oiliness to balance the scalp’s oil level and hydrate the hair roots.

“Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. An unbalanced diet, stress and using hair products that don’t match our needs contribute to scalp issues,” Kérastase Education Manager Sito Resmi explained during the press conference at Kuningan’s L’Oréal Academy in October. “Not to mention, the size of pollutant particles are 20 times smaller than the size of our scalp pores, allowing them to get inside easier, leading to dandruff and oily scalps. The New Specifique is the solution to these problems. When you come to our hair salons, our ambassadors will take a look at your hair condition and decide what treatments suit you best.”

Kerastase for Shiny Hair and Healthy Scalps (1)

In addition, Kérastase also introduced new hair tonic Aminexil Black containing Aminexil 15,000 PPM, Rhamnose, Anti-Oxidant Complexe, and Black Shou Wu that helps with hair loss and grey hair and makes the hair look darker and shinier. The hair tonic which was especially crafted for dark-haired people is available in several Asian countries.