NOW! Jakarta begins a groundbreaking series called “My Journey to Work” which will combine a real look at the city’s arteries but also help the Jakarta City Government realise that almost every commuter suffers from a myriad of small but solvable problems on their journey every day.

My Journey to Work (1)

Jakarta commuters are not stupid, they are long suffering and far too patient, but as they sit in their cars and on their motorbikes they see – and understand – the things that the city government could do to make life easier and better for their citizens. All we have asked our readers to do is to give us their daily route and tell us exactly what the problems are and where and what the probable solutions are. We are going to post these online and also take them to the city government and show them these problems – and their solutions.

So to all of you reading this on your way to work, look up, look out, and see what needs to be done to make your journey better! We are sure you have plenty of ideas!

My Journey to Work (2)

To start the process, publisher Alistair Speirs describes his journey up Jl. Moh. Kafi I and Cilandak KKO to Kemang, a journey that ten years ago took 10 minutes and now takes between 60 and 80 minutes. Maybe we can make a difference if we really try, and in doing so provide solutions to a hard pressed city government.

Readers are invited to contribute their own journey to work to: which should show where problems arise and what their probable solution is. You don’t need to send a map but it makes it easier to understand! All entries will be submitted to the Transport Dept. of Jakarta City Government.

Alistair Speirs

Alistair Speirs

Alistair has been in the publishing, advertising and PR business for 25 years. He started NOW! Magazines as the region’s preferred community magazine.