Taman Ismail Marzuki, The Future of Jakarta’s Arts

Andra Matin's concept for the new Taman Ismail Marzuki. Photos courtesy of Andra Matin/NOWJAKARTA One of Jakarta’s most iconic landmark, Taman Ismail Marzuki (TIM) has been the subject of a heated debate in recent months. What does the future hold for this longstanding art centre? Jakarta governor has decided to rejuvenate the art centre. However,

Yayasan Mitra Museum Jakarta Presents “We Move Amongst Ghosts”

Ashley Bickerton Good Painting and Bad Painting 2020 Exhibition View: courtesy of the artist and Kayu Lucie Fontaine. Whereas in the past the Friends of Jakarta Museums Foundation (Yayasan Mitra Museum Jakarta/YMMJ) has presented historical exhibitions, this time it attempts to make history by presenting, in collaboration with the Bali-based Kayu | Lucie Fontaine, a

Bali’s Friend, Donald

Self Portrait, 56 x 76cm, mixed media on paper Neglected in his own home country down-under due to his adherence to figurative art and notoriously decadent way of life, the figure of Donald Friend is accepted unconditionally in Bali, the island on which he chose to live in towards the end of his life. While

Artistic Connection Across Generations

Photos by Amir Sidharta/NOWJAKARTA Visiting an exhibition entitled Untouchables, Ciptadana’s annual art exhibition this year, I was reintroduced to the works of Nunung WS. Born in Lawang, East Java, 1948, is a veteran artist who actively appeared in the Jakarta art scene until 2000, when she abruptly moved to Yogyakarta. In the exhibition, her works are

Teguh Ostenrik’s Artistic Journey in Germany

There are many other Indonesians who have strong links with Germany, but in the world of Indonesian art, one in particular seems to stand out. In September, we mourned the loss of Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, Indonesia’s third President, who is one of our most obvious links with Germany. The other most obvious link is a

Examining Sukarno Collection

Every August, for the past three years, the art collection of Indonesia’s Presidential Palaces, has been on display at the Galeri Nasional Indonesia for the public to enjoy.  Memanah by Heng Ngantung The collection has been heavily based the collection of the first President, Sukarno. While only a limited number has been shown, the collection

The Rise of Contemporary Art

Mostly thanks to social media, there seems to be an increase in the demand for contemporary art in the recent decade in Jakarta. But is there any downside to this? And does the government share the same enthusiasm? In recent years, art has been thriving in Jakarta. Every year for the last couple of years,

Art Archives and the Exhibition-based Approach of Art History

Recently there has been a growing interest in the study of art and art history in Indonesia. The art history in Indonesia is bassically devided into basically 19th century Indonesian art, the “Mooi Indië” period, Persagi and the Revolutionary period, the establishment of the academies, the political turmoil, art in the new order, and contemporary art. NOW!JAKARTA

Exploring Our Art in Various Collections Abroad

A few weeks ago, just as news that the Rijksmuseum is taking steps towards the repatriation of an estimated 1,000 stolen colonial-era objects in their collection, a curatorial team of a future exhibition about the Indonesian Revolutionary War at the museum to be held a couple of years from now, have been digging into relevant

Byo: The Future of Indonesia’s Great  Designs

Five years ago, I noticed my then-fiance carrying a new purse. It reminded me of Issey Miyake’s Baobao bags, which seemed to be a “must have” a some years before that, because it was made of a specially produced material and used repetitive patterns. However, this purse seemed more complex, so I knew it could

Reminding Us of Our Humanity: Bobo, Alba and Other Furry Friends

Four years ago Irma Lengkong Mikkonen would take Bobo, her basset hound, with her when she picked up her sons from boarding school every weekend. Later on, Irma and Bobo explored the cities and countryside of Great Britain together. Last summer, Bobo also joined Irma in Europe, visiting dog-friendly cities like Amsterdam, Paris and Brussels.

Street Art Goes Mainstream

Since the 1970s, street artists have been turning vandalistic cacography that appeared on many wall surfaces in around the big cities into more acceptable forms of expression. Gradually, what was initially known as graffiti became accepted as street art. For the past 10 years, street art has continued to gain popularity, not only in the

Program notes: Beethoven

“As the autumn leaves fall and wither, so have my hopes withered… With joy I hasten to meet death face to face”. Beethoven wrote these words in a letter bewailing six years of increased loss of hearing to his brothers around the time he was finishing his 2nd symphony in October 1802. If Beethoven had the

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