The Expats, The Virus and The Country 

There are at least 15 foreigners who died of Covid-19 in Indonesia, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA On 11 March, the Indonesian government revealed the first death of a foreign citizen in Indonesia due to Covid-19: a 53 years old female British citizen in Bali. The death of the

The First Indonesia Online Fest is Born 

Due to the Covid-19 crisis, Indonesia’s creative communities are inspired to hold the first and the biggest virtual festival that features a diverse range of programmes to be enjoyed at home. Photo courtesy of Indonesia Online Fest/NOW!JAKARTA As the world has restricted offline events that could attract the crowd to curb the spread of Covid-19,

The Importance of Self Hydration during Ramadan

Drinking water is equally important as consuming healthy foods to maintain hydration, especially for those practicing fasting during Ramadan.  Photo courtesy of Manki Kim on Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA This year, Muslim communities around the world must feel the different atmosphere during Ramadan since many people are spending this annual religious tradition at home. However, Ramadan fasting at home can still

Museum MACAN Introduces Arisan Karya to Collect Funds for Local Art Community

Adapting from the local culture, Arisan Karya also adapts the social gathering to invites art communities to collects funds from its members. Photo courtesy of Museum MACAN/NOWJAKARTA Amidst the pandemic, the creative industry including the arts community has been affected due to the social restrictions and plunging economy that restrains the arts industry to grow. As

“Design with Charity” by LaSalle College

LaSalle College organised an online design competition Charity with Design to help the first responders and medical workers. Photos courtesy of Lasalle College/NOWJAKARTA LaSalle College, a Canadian-based design school in Indonesia organised an online design competition Charity with Design to help the first responders and medical workers who need proper personal protective equipment during the battle with Covid-19.

Starting at Home, It’s Time to Measure Our Personal Carbon Footprint

Fridays for future – global climate strike on the European elections. Global emission of CO2 may be falling drastically during Covid-19, but how about our carbon footprint in our house as we spend more time at home? Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA Currently, many individuals and families are forced to stay at home, practicing self-isolation to help contain

“I Learned New Life Skill during Self-Quarantine”. Have You?

By taking advantage of self-quarantine experience, learning new soft skills in your pocket might be useful for the future as one can speak a new language or come handy for homemade crafts.!JAKARTA On a daily basis, before the coronavirus crisis forced everyone to stay at home, one might have no time to learn a

Turn Your Room into your Dancefloor

Photos courtesy of For many people who are staying at home today, listen to music can be enough for entertainment to fill ourselves with emotion and have a therapeutic moment with our favourite playlist. And dancing is another fun activity that we might need during the self-quarantine by filling up the atmosphere of our house

Now, Favourite Dishes from Ismaya’s Restaurants can be Enjoyed at Home

We should stay home and let Ismaya deliver their signature dishes to your home. Photo courtesy of Since Ismaya announced the temporary closing for its culinary outlets, the biggest local restaurants group comes with food delivery service and offers an attractive discount for customers. As one of the very first hospitality companies to temporarily

Environmental Relief in the Midst of Pandemic

Mother nature benefits from us staying at home. Wold you keep it that way? Photo courtesy of UNEP/NOWJAKARTA One may see more clear blue sky and less polluted air since millions of people have been staying at home during the Covid-19 pandemic causing a significant reduction of global emission. After this all ends, is it

The Wild Card for the Hospitality Industry in Indonesia

Tourism business, including hotels and restaurants, are among the struggling industries affected by the Covid-19 Crisis and it’s expected to recover last after the pandemic ends. Photo by chuttersnap on Unsplash/NOWJAKARTA As global air travel plunged due to the rapid outbreak of Covid-19, with a restriction in the international gate as well as a significant decrease of the passenger

The Rise of Empathy, The Good Sense of Community

The global spread of coronavirus disease might put the world into horror films when people are afraid to even go outside, but there is a silver lining and it's the empathy of collective acts to help each other during the devastating period. Photo by Phinehas Adams on Unsplash/NOW!JAKARTA Before this Covid-19 pandemic happens, one might not even be familiar with

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