Mansyur Mas’ud, Belitung, and His Relationship with Indonesian Art

Not too many people realise that the island of Belitung has had a small yet rather remarkable relationship with Indonesian art. Full by Mansyur Mas’ud. the painting manifests the reality of  densely populated settlements in Indonesia. Photo courtesy of Amir Sidharta/NOW!JAKARTA Although Raden Saleh never actually went to Belitung,  in 1855 he painted a portrait of John

Amir Sidharta

1O1 Travel Sketch Explores Malang, Bandung, and Other Cities

Local tourism sketch project “1O1 Travel Sketch” explored a number of cities including Yogyakarta, Bandung, and Malang. This year, 101 Travel Sketch will take place in Jakarta in October, and will be celebrated in Bali and Palembang next year. Beside exploring the city and its culture, 1O1 Travel Sketch is usually closed with an auction.

Generation XYZ, Understanding the Generation Gap through Dance

The modern dance and hip hop performance by Marlupi Dance Academy (MDA) dancers tell a deep narrative about the generation gap, through movement. Titled “Generation XYZ” the dance performance connect the audiences to the contemporary world, signifying the unique characters of human beings across generations. The Generation XYZ captures the unique character of the society

Exhibit of Presidential Art Collection Salutes National Heroes

The exhibit of the Presidential Art collection this year focused on the celebration of the 73rd Anniversary of Indonesia’s Independence and the 18th Asian Games. Held at the National Gallery, the month long exhibition portrayed the nation’s struggles. the 1919 Bronze sculpture “Archer” by Zsiemond Kisfaludi Strobel was exhibited at Presidential collection Exhibit. Photo by

Through Art, an Inextricable Link with Japan

In August the famous Ratna Sari Dewi, Sukarno’s fifth wife, stopped by the Indonesia Spirit of the World exhibition featuring the art collection of Indonesia’s Presidential palace to see Basoeki Abdullah’s Under the Moonlight painting. She posed for the painting over half a century ago, but seemed to recall vividly that she was dressed in

World Press Photo Exhibition Depicts the World’s Tragedies and Hopes

Erasmus Huis Jakarta, in collaboration with Bentara Budaya Jakarta, hosts the "World Press Photo" Exhibition featuring works from photographers from around the world. The images capture the state of the world today in all its rawness, including the bloodshed, culture wars, and environmental issues. . Led by senior director of photography Magdalena Herrera, World Press

This October, Ubud Writers and Readers Festival Celebrates its 15th Year

Southeast Asia’s leading festival of words and ideas, the Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF), returns. The event this year will be held from 24-28 October. The Ubud Writers & Readers Festival (UWRF) returns. The event this year will be held from 24-28 October.  Photo courtesy of UWRF/NOW!JAKARTA It began in 2002 as part of the

Commedia dell’arte Revisited in The Secret of Harlequin

Italian actor Enrico Bonavera recently presented an inspirational, thought-provoking performance I segreti di Arlecchino (The Secret of Harlequin) about the prominent character in Commedia dell’arte. Audiences at Goethe Haus Jakarta, were in complete awe of his portrayal of the character. Enrico Bonavera improvise comedy acts, usually based on audience’s reactions or a pre-established scenario. Photo

Artbeat Hosts First Exhibit

A community of artists which came together two years ago have displayed their collective talents in a two-day exhibit in Esmod Jakarta’s Kemang outpost. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA Artbeat, as the group—and event—are called is part of a multitalented line up of artists who have taught members different forms of art: Mixed media, cone work,

A New Generation of Sketching Culture Emerges

For many years, sketching was seen as  rapidly executed freehand drawing. As a means of  recording ideas, sketches were—and are—a quick way of creating images. An exhibition at the National Gallery enlightened audiences on sketching culture as a recreation of the self. Now, sketching is considered a fun activity that involves a sense of emotional

Understanding Indonesia, The Archipelagic Puzzle

Indonesia, the world’s biggest archipelagic nation, is not easily defined or understood. Its land stretches 5,245km from east to west, spanning more than 17,000 islands. It is home to 700 dialects, 300 ethnic groups, the largest Muslim population in the world and the fourth largest population in the world, with 270 million people. Yes, Indonesia

Sigifredo Camacho’s Solo Exhibit Sheds Light on Ecuadorian Culture

Ecuadorian painter Sigifredo Camacho presents 20 of his paintings at his solo exhibit “Formas y Colores de la Luz” at Museum of Fine Arts and Ceramics, Kota Tua, Jakarta. His latest works features abstract paintings that demonstrate a living narrative using shapes and light.  Solo exhibit “Formas y Colores de la Luz” by Ecuadorian painter Sigifredo Camacho

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