Chavaty, The Popular Japanese Cafe, Arrives in Jakarta

Chavaty, known for its signature tea latte and pastries in Omotesando, Shibuya, Japan, has opened its first international outlet—in Jakarta. The signature dishes in its Jakarta location include Tiramisu with Ceylon Tea, Snow Shake, and Tea Jelly Latte. Photo courtesy of Chavaty/NOW!JAKARTA In Japan, Chavaty is especially popular with long lines seen outside its doors. The cafe’s tea lattes and

Rintang Azhar

Brunch, Done Right, at Vong Kitchen

There is something about brunch, that meal at the time of day at the cusp of breakfast and lunch, that is so comforting, so satisfying. Taken in a restaurant that provides an atmosphere conclusive to such a meal is an added plus. And so it goes at Vong Kitchen. From French toast to gutsier steak

On 25th anniversary, Cafe Batavia Offers a New, Updated Menu

On 5 December 2018, Cafe Batavia celebrated its 25th Anniversary with the theme “The Memory of Old Town.” During the gala, the restaurant served dishes that paid homage to the cuisine of Nusantara, with foreign undertones. At its 25th Anniversay, the restaurant continues to focus on giving guests many different dining experiences. Photo courtesy of Cafe Batavia/NOW!JAKARTA

The Singleton “Unlearn Session” Invites One to Push One’s Limits

As part of the recently launched campaign in Indonesia, whisky brand The Singleton held an event titled “Unlearn the Rules.” Leon Gunawan, the entrepreneur behind De La House was the host and shared the key successes of the space that offers a hybrid hang out spot concept that raises the bar in the hospitality industry.

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