You may have done it the Korean way, but grilling your own meat takes on a whole new meaning at Jakarta’s latest joint Mouton Slice and Grill. The idea is simple: get back to the basics and do it yourself, because only you know exactly how you want your food to taste.

Mouton is all about meat – that is, succulent meat. Some of its must-try items are Signature Lamb Leg, Tenderloin Slice and Original Beef Ribs, as well as chicken dishes. To be honest, lamb isn’t exactly my first love. That said, I was thrilled by Mouton’s Signature Lamb Leg, which turned out to be tender, juicy and well marinated, without any unpleasant smell. Its Original Beef Ribs also came out better than expected and, I must point out, in generous portion. All dishes are served with rice. There are several condiments to spice up your barbecue dining experience: traditional sambal (chili sauce), garlic chili oil, pesto butter, sesame oil, yakiniku, soy sauce and jintan (cumin) powder.

At Mouton, there is a charcoal grill at every table and customers are invited to get involved in the cooking. There are illustrations all around to guide and friendly staff available to help at any time. Just toss the meat and watch your food cook before your eyes. Following much hype in its birthplace of Bandung, Mouton is now making a debut in Jakarta, hoping to entice adventurous diners with their BBQ fix. The grill joint is tucked away in the serene Wijaya neighbourhood, taking place in a renovated house that belongs to the restaurant’s owner.

With seating capacity for 150 people, Mouton is a great place to celebrate your special occasions, from birthdays to family gathering. Unlike its Bandung outlet, which is only open for dinner, Mouton Slice and Grill Jakarta operates from 11 AM to 11 PM. At Mouton, one can expect to grill, eat, enjoy and repeat!

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Jl. KH Ahmad Dahlan No. 2
Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta