Children often have a vivid imagination and happily describe the world around them from their very unique perspective, inspired by things they have seen, books they have read or stories they have been told. It is crucial to nurture a child’s imagination, as it contributes to the development of creativity and innovation.

For this very special issue of NOW! Jakarta, we have asked some kids what they think the meaning of love is – these were their answers.

“Love is when you really like something, like when I like my daddy, my manyi (mom), and my friends. And when I like my toys. Love is also when mom and dad give me a surprise and also when I give my mom and dad a surprise – when they are happy, it makes me happy too.” Anio Thee, 5, Pahoa Kindergarten

Anio Thee

“Love is Zoey, Zoey is my cute puppy. He always chases me every time I am around him.” Felix Orelius , 6, Saint Christopher’s School Jakarta.

Felix Orelius

“Love is a feeling you get when someone makes you happy when they are around you and sad when they are not. Love is when you would do anything for someone who pays attention and cares for you. Love is a strong feeling a lot of people feel, it’s a mixed feeling, you can feel love for anyone, at anytime, for any reason. Love is love.” Adni Sadhira Dharmakusuma, 11, Global Jaya School

Keneisha Aurelyn Putri Sahusilawane

“Love is kindness. God created love for us to communicate, not for us to fight. We all have to learn to love one another. Sometimes people don’t understand love but you have to tell them that love is more important than arguments. And if we are adults we have to know the meaning of love and teach our children and so on.” Keneisha Aurelyn Putri Sahusilawane, 9, Sekolah Lentera Indonesia

“I watched a TV show telling me that love is something when you can feel butterflies in your tummy, is it something like that?” Kaelyn, 4, Heritage School Jakarta.


“I think it is special and unique in many ways, but it is hard to find the one you love. Some people are too scared, but I do not blame them because love can be scary and embarrassing.” Zachary Christopher Verdaguer, 8, Global Jaya School

Katrin Figge

Katrin Figge

Katrin Figge is a previous editor of NOW! Jakarta. An experienced writer and avid bookworm.