In a quest for eternal beauty, the brand new skincare products from Australia, Gaylia Kristensen has thankfully arrived to help both men and women stay young naturally.


Inspired by her own personal experience of having bad skin once returning to her homeland after spending a quarter of a century in Europe for work, the self-established female entrepreneur found that the extremely dry and hot Australian climate damaged her skin. She was desperate for facial treatments to do the magic but found nothing. Gaylia then tried to create a personalized concoction of Australian fruits and vegetables for her skin, and it surprisingly worked out so well that she launched her cosmetics line named after herself in 2010.

Believing in the healing power of natural resources, she counts on the Australian macadamia, avocado oil, and the country’s other green potentials and mixes them all up with a molecular polypeptide and protein technologies in the miraculous anti-ageing cream Dream, the rehydrating essential oil Passion, the hydrating facial mist Heaven, to name a few. So far, the favorite item is Eye Lift that gets rid of lines, wrinkles, puffy eye bags, and dark circles easily.

Exclusively available only at Raffles Spa Jakarta, which means that you can only purchase the products here, Gaylia Kristensen cosmetics cost IDR 850,000 to IDR 4,500,000. This price will seem meaningless once you experience the best results yourselves. Coupled with the gentle and caring massages by the spa’s beauty workers, guaranteed, you will walk home stress-free and re-energized.

“(Even though) I have no academic background in chemistry, my husband and I used to work in the international cosmetics industry for 25 years. The hardest part during the first years of establishing this company was assembling the team of the right chemists that could combine both the Australian resources and the European technologies perfectly. Overall, it has been a very exciting journey,” Gaylia told us.

Gaylia Kristensen products available in

Raffles Spa at Raffles Jakarta
14th floor, Ciputra World 1
Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5 Jakarta