In the Nordic Forum, the Scandinavian embassies and business chambers work together to further build on the synergies and similarities. It comprises of DANCHAM, the Swedish Business Association and Indonesia Norway Business Council. While there is no Finnish chamber of commerce in Indonesia, the embassy houses Team Finland.

The Danish-Indonesian Business Chamber DANCHAM aims to create a strong business network that ties in with the regional peers, other Nordic chambers in Indonesia and, last but not least, the Danish trade council under the Embassy of Denmark in Jakarta. The business community in Indonesia has a long history and DANCHAM is founded on the roots of the Danish Business Association (DBA), that stretches back to 1984.

The name change indicates a new energy as DANCHAM strives to be a stronger and modernized version of the organization. Events will be built on the concept of inspiration and networking in a non-formal setting.

The events organized by DANCHAM focus on providing the participants unique knowledge about doing business in Indonesia – representing both a local, Danish and global perspective. In addition, they will have the opportunity to expand their network by having access to experienced professionals representing both large and small organizations from the private and public sector.

Events include chamber networking nights, professional networking events with local and international experts, field trips, chamber visits in and around Indonesia to facilities or locations that are of particular interest for the Danish community as well as activities organized in cooperation with related associations.

Founded in 1991, the Swedish Business Association (SBA) is the premier forum for Swedish and Indonesian companies, organizations, and business professionals active in the ASEAN region. SBA is a nationwide non-profit organization with the primary objective to promote commercial and economic interests between Sweden and Indonesia. SBA supports its members to conduct business by supplying them with useful information about policy, market developments and overall industry related affairs.

SBA organises networking and social events on a regular basis between members and the wider business community in Jakarta and facilitates relationship building sessions between its members and key Swedish and Indonesian government officials. Since SBA’s establishment, its members have successfully utilised the forum to host memorable events, debates, networking sessions, pursue mutual interests and develop interpersonal relationships.

SBA is represented and governed by the organizations Board of Directors and Executive Committee.

Membership in the Swedish Business Association in Indonesia presents several high-level networking opportunities throughout the year, within the areas of trade, business, government, sports and culture. Many of the events focus on networking and international business development while others celebrate culture and traditions. Most events are organised to assist members access connections, conduct business in Indonesia and socialise.

Some of the events SBA regularly organizes include Friends of Sweden, where the Swedish business community meets together with other business associations.

Four times a year SBA arranges Friends of Sweden events where the Swedish business community meets together with a another Business Association, and Meet the Members, a breakfast or evening event providing SBA members and their guests an opportunity to reconnect and make new business connections while exploring interesting themes or activities.

The Indonesia Norway Business Council in Indonesia (INBC) is a non-profit organization, dedicated to serving its members, the Indonesia Norway business community, functioning as the connection between Indonesian and Norwegian company representatives. 

INBC regularly provides information on business in Indonesia, conducts business meetings to learn and discuss to improve business in Indonesia and organizes social evening events for members for a friendly catch up and extending their networks.

INBC is a small but vibrant organization, performing the typical functions of a Chamber of Commerce under the guidance and management of its board of seven elected members, plus additional two advisory members from the Royal Norwegian Embassy, with which it enjoys a close bond.

INBC was invigorated during 2010 and steadily gained an increase in memberships, held more events, and generated improved financial results.

Team Finland means cooperation and more efficient use of resources, for the benefit of Finland and Finnish companies. The goal is to make Finland a forerunner in a changing global environment. The core of the Team Finland network consists of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Employment and the Economy, and the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as the organizations under their direction at home and abroad. The work is carried out in close cooperation with many actors in the spheres of business and industry, culture and education. Team Finland is a proactive network that operates with agility and quality.

In Indonesia, in addition to the traditional Finnish know-how (timber-, paper-, mining and ICT) Team Finland also pursues to promote cooperation in new and growing industries, such as cleantech, smart cities, energy saving infrastructure solutions, wood construction, healthcare products and –services and education.

Personal relations are the key to success in Indonesia. Visibility in social- and traditional media, representation, and various promotional events complete Team Finland’s wave of influence. The exchange of visits is an instrumental part of establishing and maintaining relations, and it is a top priority of Team Finland to continue these activities, targeting both political decision makers and the business community in both countries.

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