As part of the annual arts department programme, Global Jaya School (GJS) students from Year 8 to 11 awed audiences with their remarkable performance of Grease, the Musical, held in early February over the course of two days.

With a witty plot and catchy songs, Grease is a classic musical that never fails to entertain audiences. It also portrays the beauty and confusion of young love  – something that everyone can relate to.

“Grease is fun and enjoyable for all ages. We have been planning to produce this musical since five years ago, and we finally managed to do so this year,” explains Tria Sismalinda, Drama Teacher for Secondary School and the Head of Arts Department.

The students showed amazing energy and talent in presenting the musical that featured twelve songs and a dynamic choreography. The stage was decorated beautifully with vintage props and costumes to bring the 1950s setting to life. According to Kharisma Pandu Pratama, the actor who played male protagonist  Danny, the production was no easy feat; the preparation required hard work and cohesiveness from everyone involved.

“Maintaining Danny’s character was not easy for me especially given that his character is completely different with my true personality,” Kharisma explained. “I did some research to specifically portray Danny’s character and his habits, like the way he sways his hips, the high pitches he applies when singing and more. Eventually, I overcame this obstacle by practicing continuously. My teacher also always provided me with constructive advice to improve my acting.”

In the midst of their already busy schedules with regular classes, homework and exams, all the participants had to spare special time to rehearse together almost every day in order to create perfect harmony, something that Kharisma admits was exhausting but exciting at the same time.

“The main challenge for me and other actors was the time management,” he recalled. “Since Grease is about friendship, it was crucial for all team members to be present during every rehearsal session. However, many people had problems with attending all sessions which led us to have more practice sessions during the weekends. Due to the seemingly endless work, I got sick just a few weeks before the performance and had to recover quickly.”

However, all the hard work paid off when the performers were given a standing ovation at the end of each show. 

“I personally believe that the support and enthusiasm from the audience was remarkable and heartwarming. No matter how tired we were, it was all worth it because the audience loved it and appreciated all of our hard work,” Kharisma concluded.

Grease, the Musical could not have been a success without the unfailing support of the whole crew and the students’ parents. It is also the result of Global Jaya’s commitment to always celebrate students’ talents and aspirations.

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