Calling all the Hoteliers and Restaurateurs.

The word sustainability derives from the Latin ‘Sustinere’, which literally means to uphold or maintain and, as we all know, refers to the practice and policies supporting the preservation of natural resources.

Sustainability focuses on maintaining the current state of the environment and society, which implies that we are striving for a status quo. But this won’t protect our planet and our species.

Protecting what’s there is no longer enough. We need to fundamentally change how we do things if we want to safeguard our future. We need to give back to our planet, more than we take from it. This implies thinking in regenerative ways, where we adopt a mindset where we actively restore and revitalize our human and ecological systems. And with that, sustainability is now changing and becoming a responsibility.

And this is on all of us. We are all stakeholders of the planet, so we all have a role to play here, including the tourism and hospitality industry. There is an opportunity for the hospitality industry to show the way and to take the lead in shifting from sustainable to regenerative practices, even if this is one step at a time.

At the Food & Hospitality Indonesia 2024, we invite the hoteliers and restaurateurs to discuss the responsibilities to our planet by giving back to the environment through regeneration and tackling our waste, which until now, seems like we are still not doing enough. We bring you reputable speakers to talk about Not Just Sustainability but Responsibility, Not Just Recycle but Regenerate.

Tuesday, 23 July 2024

13.30 – 15.00

at the Food & Hospitality Indonesia 2024

Hall D1 – Room 102, JIEXPO Kemayoran, Jakarta

For Free Entrance, please register to the link below:

Looking forward to seeing GM’s, Head of Engineering, Head of Operation and Head of F&B from hotels and restaurants all over Indonesia in this seminar. 

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