More than four decades strong, the five-star Hotel Borobudur continues to win the hearts and minds of its loyal clients, who stay committed to the establishment’s services.

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And now, meet the hotel’s newest offer: Family Time Teppanyaki at its Japanese restaurant Miyama.

Kazoku No Jikan Teppanyaki offers various dining packages to be served teppanyaki-style, cooked on iron griddle in front of guests. Available every Saturday to Sunday from 11:30 AM to 2:30 PM, families can choose from the small package for maximum four pax at IDR 988,000++, medium package for maximum eight pax at IDR 1,848,000++ and large package for maximum 12 pax at IDR 3,088,000++.

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Each package starts with California Maki Sushi and the refreshing Crisp Green Salad with Sesame Dressing. The main course, naturally, is teppanyaki combo that consists of Beef Tenderloin Steak and Chicken, Chef’s Hand-Picked White Fish Fillet, Stir-Fried Assorted Vegetables (potato, onion, pumpkin, beansprout). All meals come with either Yaki Udon (stir-fried noodle) or Yakimeshi (fried rice) and Miso Soup. As for the dessert, diners can opt for Kurogoma Ice Cream or Sliced Seasonal Fruits.

“Many clients come here with kids and oftentimes each family member would like to have different Teppanyaki items, which may create confusion. To make things easier for them, we compress the meals in various packages, so they can have everything in one package,” says Miyama chef Tomohiko Omori, who leads a local kitchen crew armed with years of experience in Japanese cuisine.

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At Miyama, utmost effort is made to maintain an authentic Japanese flavour. Many of the ingredients and sauces, such ponzu sauce, peanut sauce and steak sauce are imported from Japan. The beef used at the restaurant is Australian of high quality. Most vegetables are imported from China, except for the beansprouts and several greens that are procured from a top local producer.

“We don’t want our customers to feel duped as most of them are from Japan, so they are really aware of how the food tastes like. They can tell if the food tastes different from how it is originally served back in their homeland. We also have Food Safety Management System that manages the ingredient choices, cooking process, until the food waste. It is basically our food quality control,” says Hotel Borobudur Assistant Public Relations Manager Indira Puliraja.

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If it isn’t teppanyaki you’re into, fret not. This October, Miyama also has a special a la carte menu item called Seiro Mushi, seasonal vegetables with slices of beef or fish slowly cooked inside a Japanese traditional bamboo steamer. The dish comes in several choices: Wagyu Seiro Mushi (slices of wagyu beef and vegetables dipped into ponzu sauce and sesame sauce); Kaisen Yasai Seiro Mushi (white fish, prawn and mussels); Ise Ebi Seiro Mushi (lobster) and the vegetarian Kisetu Yasai no Seiro Mushi.

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