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In October 2020, MDS Group introduced Aged + Butchered Steakhouse as an avant-garde fusion of an American steakhouse and an Asian Yakiniku restaurant in Jakarta. It was born from Chef Andri Dionysius’ vision to create a contemporary dining place that celebrates and highlights the meticulously prepared selection of “Dry-Aged” and “Wet-Aged” meats. Today, we are seeing the restaurant’s swift rise as one of the most reliable places for meat enthusiasts of the capital. 

Located at the Mezzanine Level of MD Place in Kuningan, Aged + Butchered marries industrial and rustic decor with a chic and modern atmosphere. The moment you enter, you are greeted by ambient lighting draped over the accented wooden walls, creating a sense of intimacy. There are also dividers between booths providing guests with even more privacy and the wide and flat square lamps hanging from the ceiling resemble skylights, secured and adorned with thick ropes as if giving an ode to how a country barn might look, bringing two contrasting elements together, while still standing proudly in this metropolitan city. 

Providing variety amongst the steakhouse experiences available in Jakarta, they have their on-site dry-ageing room that guarantees the quality of the meat, and the culinary team takes their meat quality control seriously, is patient with their ageing process and even go as far as making their own house-made salts. The chefs also grill the visitors’ order right by their table, giving them not only a dining experience but also a spectacle. 

By blending the best of American steakhouse traditions with the vibrant touch of an Asian yakiniku joint, Aged + Butchered’s menu is nothing short of enticing. Try their signature dishes from Hokkaido Scallop with celeriac puree & chips, hon-shimeji, and ponzu beurre blanc or their Steak Tartare with roasted marrow, wagyu flat iron, spicy yukke, and puffed tendons. The menu stars are, of course, their dry-aged and wet-aged cuts selection. The options are endless; there’s the 45 | A5 Striploin, a pasture-raised, Japanese A5 Wagyu MS 10+ from Kagoshima, or try the 30 | Tajima Striploin, a crossbred F1 wagyu MS 5 with 350+ days grain fed, from New South Wales. For the wet-aged cuts, there’s the Wagyu Tritip from Brisbane to USDA Prime Filet Mignon from Okanogan; all the meat collections in Aged+Butchered are meticulously selected, serving only those with the best and highest quality. 

No steak experience is complete without the side dishes, ranging from Grilled Broccolini, BuffaloCauliflower to Dieng Potato Mousseline and Dry-aged Fat Fries; the menu at Aged + Butchered is abundant with options. To close your meal, do try their desserts; there’s Valrhona 70% Souffle with Guanaja dark chocolate, molten centre, and served with frangelico ice cream, or maybe their Banana Foster with camembert mille crepe, Singaraja vanilla bean and tamari ice cream. 

With their immaculate attention to detail and the quality of their meat, Aged + Butchered has redefined the steakhouse experience, cementing its place as one of the favourites in Jakarta, offering a fusion of West and Eastern cuisine, and intertwining fun with sophistication. 

Aged + Butchered
MD Place Mezzanine Level, Jl. Setiabudi Selatan No. 7, Kuningan
+62 21 29669272

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