In the heart of the bustling capital city, lies an oasis where guests come to unwind and be transported to the “Golden Era” of cocktails. Harking back to the opulence of yesteryear, expect a unique beverage experience with table side service by roaming bartenders, combined with legendary cocktails from the 1920’s, set within the timeless elegance of Raffles.

New York Sour, a classic cocktails at The Writers Bar, Raffles Jakarta. Photo courtesy of Raffles Jakarta/NOW!JAKARTA

Revealing the true identity of The Writers Bar, this curated beverage experience transports you back to a time of legendary cocktails. There are a variety of aperitifs, classic concoctions, and digestives, and bartenders prepare cocktails table side, which allows one to be fully immersed in the mystical mix of flavours.

As an aperitif, the iconic Cherry Cobbler, is a cool, crisp and refreshing quintessential beverage perfect to prepare the palate for the rest of one’s evening. Venture out to the era of prohibition with the classic Scofflaw, a fruity cocktail that signifies everything that was right with the 1920’s. El Presidente, is a bright digestif with punchy, warm and rich notes, an ideal balance to relax and unwind listening to the classic jazzy tunes. Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, from the roaring twenties, legendary jazz musicians come to life. Enjoy live jazz music, while sipping your favorite classic cocktails, and let yourself be transported to the golden era.

Selection of cocktails.
Cocktails are served in trolley for guests convenience.

The perfect recipe for an unforgettable evening is a select hand rolled Cuban cigar from the humidor, accompanied by a 120-day-aged Negroni in the signature oak barrel, set among the timeless art pieces created by Indonesian legendary artist Hendra Gunawan.

The Writer’s Bar is a revered institution of Raffles Singapore, and is a modern tribute to famous writers that have come through the doors of Raffles Singapore over the years.

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