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Situated in one of Jakarta’s liveliest areas in Menteng, Sekolah Perkumpulan Mandiri seeks to instill the power of living a life driven by principles among students, families and staff.

To teach and reinforce these principles, the school adopted the Leader in Me programme and principles of the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Globally known for its successful leadership development programme for major corporations, individuals and not to mention schools, the Leader in Me programme uses the best practices and universal principles in partnership with educators that challenge and empower students with excellent leadership principles to the tough choices they face every day.

The principles of the Seven Habit of Highly Effective People are simple yet powerful habits that develop personal and public habits of success in education, career, citizenship and family. It empowers the whole-child body, mind, heart and spirit through the seven fundamental habits ranging from being Proactive, Beginning with the End in Mind, Putting First Things First, Thinking Win-Win, Seeking First to Understand Then to be Understood, Synergising and Sharpening the Saw. 

In addition to embracing leadership skills, this programme utilises and integrates social-emotional growth, quality and educational models and processes along with instruction on establishing a vision for the school systems incorporated into coursework, traditions and culture. With principle-centered skill, academic excellence, lifelong learning and engaged community being integrated in the school’s primary academic systems from kindergarten to high school programme, students will become more interdependent as to enhance as successful individuals with positive manners.

Sekolah Perkumpulan Mandiri also offers an integration of the national curriculum with international standards and expectations. Using Bahasa Indonesian and English as the medium of instruction, students are prepared to follow both national and global pathways.

Cambridge Education is another top qualification the school has to offer. As a not-for-profit organisation, Sekolah Perkumpulan Mandiri continually invests in education, research and services for school and its community, while students are encouraged to conduct balanced outdoor activities including field trips, student-led conferences and diverse extracurricular activities in the hopes for them to gain their best interests and potentials.

Sekolah Perkumpulan Mandiri

Jalan Dr. GSSY Ratulangi No. 5 & 14
T: +62 21 392 4384
WA: +62 816 169 0008
IG: @sekolah_perkumpulan_mandiri
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