On December 8, 2022, Yayasan Wisma Cheshire brought 12 people with disabilities from the foundation to visit Jakarta Aquarium & Safari (JAQS) to celebrate the International Day of People with Disability. 

Yayasan Wisma Cheshire is a foundation that gives training, courses, and skills to disabled people in order to give them the opportunity for a better independent living. Currently, the foundation has 14 residents, some on wheelchairs and some are amputees.

The day started off by touring around Jakarta Aquarium & Safari assisted by the on-site guides who gave information and education about the area. Jakarta Aquarium & Safari has more than 3,500 aquatic and non-aquatic animals combined and the residents very much enjoyed their time studying a lot of never-before-seen animals.

Besides giving the foundation’s residents new experiences by visiting JAQS, they also prepared special performances to show their talents and abilities on stage. They sang a medley of Indonesian traditional songs beautifully, and also testimonies from three outstanding residents from the foundation. One of them is Tisa, who gave a very motivational and heartfelt story to the audience, explaining how she felt hopeless for nearly 20 years before finally joining Yayasan Cheshire Indonesia.

“One day, I took a nap after school. A very usual nap. And then an unexpected nightmare stroke. I woke up and my body froze. I felt like my body just stopped functioning. I couldn’t move my hands, my legs, my whole body. I felt like my world was colliding. Throughout the years of suffering, and feeling alone with no friends, the thought of ending my life was there. But ever since I joined Yayasan Wisma Cheshire, my life changed. I got the chance to meet a lot of new friends who motivate me and inspire me to be a better person. They made me realize that we do still have a future ahead of us. I learned how to make handmade crafts, and they gave me the chance to continue my study as an accounting major college student. Everything is free. My point is even though we seemingly look different from the usual ‘normal’ people, we have the same right to have a degree, to work, to have a family, and to live. We don’t need to be pitied, give us motivation instead,” shared Tisa.

The aim of this whole event is to give awareness about people with disabilities and that they are no different from normal people. They are normal and special. Jakarta Aquarium & Safari representative, Brand & Partnership Manager, Avatara, sharedher gratitude for JAQS being chosen by Yayasan Wisma Cheshire to support their event.

We are so happy to welcome Yayasan Wisma Cheshire at our place to give new experiences to the residents during this International Day of People with Disability month. Besides being a conservation place that takes care of thousands of animals inside, we’re always up to take part in all kinds of events that support humanity,” said Avatara.

For more information about Jakarta Aquarium & Safari, please contact:

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For more information about Yayasan Wisma Cheshire, please contact:

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