JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong lit up a heart-shaped lighting from the guestroom to show support and solidarity to medical workers working to take care of Covid-19 patients. Photo courtesy of  JHL Solitaire Gading Serpong/NOW!JAKARTA

After announcing a temporary closure to curb the spread of Covid-19, JHL Solitaire takes a moment to appreciate many medical workers who have been fighting and risking themselves at the frontline handling the Covid-19 disease. Through “Love Light Heart”, JHL Solitaire has put lighting arrangement in the shape of heart, created from the combination of in-house lighting from the hotel’s guest room.

Starting on Sunday, 5 March, people who pass the hotel in South Tangerang will see heart-shaped lighting sparks from 7 to 9 pm. The humble initiative from the hotel will be continued until 8 April before the hotel will be back to operate on the next day. AS one of the industries affected due to the coronavirus crisis, one of the hospitality members in Tangerang formed a movement, sending a message to build solidarity among the community.

This action also carries a mission as a symbol of empathy and a spirit of togetherness and hope that tourism in Indonesia, specifically Tangerang, Banten, will soon be able togo back to normal.

According to the data from Tangerang city government covid19.tangerangkab.go.id, there were 73 supervised patients (PDPs), 52 in the surveillance process, 14 were recovered and 7 died. While the number of people in monitoring (ODP) is 288 people, 137 are monitored by authority and 151 are Covid-19 free.

JHL Solitaire also donated food packages and cash to some of the daily workforce that has been laid off due to the impact of Covid-19. In front of JHL Auto, the owner of the hotel also decided to build an aid station to distribute the donation. Managed by Merah Putih Kasih Foundation (MPKF), the station provides assistance in the form of various medical equipment for hospitals in the Tangerang area and beyond, stocking 60 tons of rice and thousands of boxes of instant noodles to be given to people in need.

“As representative of the JHL Group, I invite the community to stay home to support medical workers who risk their life helping Cocid-19 patients. I show my appreciation and respect to all medical personnel who have been fighting at the frontline. We hope that they are healthy in order to continue the most important public service in the midst of Covid-19 pandemic," said the owner of JHL Solitaire, Jerry Hermawan Lo.

On 28 March, JHL Solitaire also supported the Earth Hour annual celebration by conducting power outages to reduce the use of energy, in relation to the hotel initiative Connect to Earth as the participation to reduce light pollution in urban area.

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