Sejauh Mata Memandang’s recent collection “Laut Kita” or Our Ocean is not only a theme to represent the idea behind its fashion design and textile pieces that takes inspiration from nautical beauty. It is also a collective campaign to encourage people to protect the ocean from ecological crisis, which are getting polluted with plastic waste.

Exhibition and design installation "Laut Kita" by Sejauh Mata Memandang is on until 16 June at  Plaza Indonesia. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOW!JAKARTA

Sejauh — a shorter name for the fashion brand — launched Kemarau (local term for Summer) collection 2019 with an exhibition and design installation at Plaza Indonesia in conjunction of Earth Day which was on 22 April. Sejauh founder and creative director Chitra Subiyakto collaborated with her brother, Indonesian director Jay Subiyakto, as well as industry experts and celebrities namely Davy Linggar, Jez O’Hare, Dian Sastrowardoyo, Nicholas Saputra, and Tulus.

We may already know that Indonesia is the biggest archipelago country with second largest coastline in the world, stretches along its coastal beauty and marine biodiversity throughout 17.504 islands. On the other hand, the emergency calls when Indonesian water is getting polluted as Indonesia is considered as second largest plastic waste producer with a total of 3.2 million ton per year, 40 percent of them are ended up in river and ocean.

55th Independence Day edition of Indomie instant noodle packaging was found around seashore. The platic waste from food packaging needs to decompose for long time and it keeps polluting the environment. 

Felix Tjahyadi, the exhibit drafter, worked with local organisation  Gerakan Indonesia Diet Kantong Plastik to assemble six chambers for exhibit —  designed with different concept, story and philosophy — where visitors could explore Indonesian natural beauty and ecological crisis through photos and videos, visual works about plastic pollution and underwater installation as well as join the mission by putting one name on pledge wall.

As a local brand, we also has a responsibility to change the pattern and lifestyle of consumerism.

– Chitra Subiyakto, founder and creative director of Sejauh Mata Memandang

The collection itself is another result of the brand commitment which has been promoting slow fashion since it first debut in 2016. Carrying timeless design and its waving textiles, “Laut Kita” is produced with environmentally friendly materials and manufacture, decorated with elevated nautical motif like the ripple of the wave, sea floor vegetation, and coral flower. Using Batik technique with contemporary pattern, the collection is naturally dyed in the shade of indigo, pastel pink, red and white, done by local artists.

Through this particular collection, Chitra Subiyakto tries to educates consumers how to use and increase the life of a fashion product.

Through this particular collection, Subiyakto try to educates consumers how to use and increase the life of a fashion product, carry a mission to build consumer awareness through social and environmental issues which became a part of the brand. “Through the “Our Ocean” campaign, we try to provide education and understanding to the public about the importance of reducing the use of disposable plastics and protecting the environment. As a local brand, we also has a responsibility to change the pattern and lifestyle of consumerism," Chitra Subiyakto said.

In addition to design installations, the exhibition also sell a variety of Sejauh original products and eco-indie products, where proceeds of sales will be donated to  plastic-free education programmes at schools in the coastal areas across Indonesia.


Laut Kita by Sejauh Mata Memandang

Until 16 June. 
Plaza Indonesia, 2nd Floor (North)

Rintang Azhar

Rintang Azhar

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