New experiences at the John Hardy Kapal Bamboo Boutique invites visitors to envision and design their own bespoke jewellery.

Though globally renowned, John Hardy has its roots firmly planted in Bali where the jewellery brand was born. It was in 1970 when founder John Hardy first witnessed the island’s silver artisans, whose masterful craftsmanship has been handed down for generations.

His passion for design, sustainability and local craftsmanship were the sparks in the forge that created the celebrated jewellery brand, which to this day continues to perpetuate these same values, simultaneously championing and preserving Balinese culture, artisanship and traditional land use.

This is not only seen in their products, but at the one-of-a-kind Kapal Bamboo boutique located in Mambal, just south of Ubud. Here, a series of stunning, eclectically-designed bamboo buildings are built among the heritage rice terraces. This is the home and heart of the jewellery, and where over 600 employees work together to create their magic.


“Visitors are amazed that we still create every piece of jewellery by hand,” explains Sr. Director of Heritage, Polly Purser. A workshop tour gives visitors a peak behind the process, as they witness the artisans’ careful attention to detail and meticulous handiwork to create the delicate pieces the brand is famous for. John Hardy also uses 100% reclaimed silver and gold, whilst the diamonds and gemstones are ethically sourced.

The Master Class Series

For a more immersive experience, guests are invited to join specially curated Master Classes, where they are given a chance to work alongside the artisans to customise their own unique jewellery. Yes, to become the artisan themselves.

The series of hands-on experiences includes drawing designs, carving them into wax to create the mould and also weaving together John Hardy’s iconic Classic Chain, link-by-link, to get a real feel on what creating ‘handmade’ silver really is.

These customised pieces can be cast and finished for guests, creating a timeless and truly bespoke John Hardy piece, into which they have imprinted something of themselves. Those who simply want to enjoy the experience can still take home their rendered design and wax carving as keepsakes.

The Workshop Tour and Master Class are followed by an invitation to join the traditional Long Table Lunch together with department heads, lead designers and artisans who congregate daily for a family-style lunch of traditional Balinese food. 


The Master Class starts from IDR 4,000,000 nett per person, inclusive of a IDR 2,000,000 exclusive gift card that can be spent at the boutique on the day of class. Available Weekdays, 10am – 2pm, reservation in advance is required.

Reservations: +62 811 385 2233 (Whatsapp) |

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