In a “Carnival of Colourful Couture”, internationally renowned Indonesian designer Harry Darsono showcased his signature art-to-wear collections, recreated from his previous Haute Couture shows, at the Pullman Thamrin Hotel on October 15.

A Carnival of Colourful Couture (1)

More than 20 pieces of Harry Darsono’s vibrant and colourful designs were presented, all of them 100 percent handcrafted: the designer used handwoven pure silk from Garut in West Java which was then painted, sewn and embroidered by hand. The designs were modeled by philanthropists, donors, supporters, friends and their families as a tribute to the Harry Darsono Foundation, which was established in 1979 to support children and young adults with special needs.

“This event is a celebration of togetherness, but at the same time, it also raises cultural awareness in showcasing Indonesia’s rich and diverse culture,” Harry Darsono explained.

A Carnival of Colourful Couture (2)

“The Art-to-Wear collection aims to make women even more beautiful. To me, women are living pieces of art, and without them, the dresses would be nothing and radiate no charm,” he added.

The 90-minute “Carnival of Colourful Couture” enchanted the audience not only because of its unique and grand designs,  but also thanks to a special performance by a Dayak group and ballerinas from Seoul, and a Grand Royal Costumes Parade by Maestra of West Sumatera.