Planning to Move to Indonesia? Make Sure You Have These Five Vaccines!

Indonesia is a beautiful tropical country perfect for a short summer holiday or maybe even a more permanent move due to your job. However, there are several things you must prepare before moving to Indonesia. Other than the complicated immigration necessities and a new house for your family, vaccination is one thing that people often forget. Though

Siloam Hospital Cancer Centre

Siloam’s Centre of Excellence in Oncology is a one-stop comprehensive facility providing a full range of medical oncology and haematology services for all forms of cancers and blood disorders. The Centre is staffed by a dedicated team specialising in the most prevalent cancers in Indonesia. Dr. Jeffrey Tenggara, an oncologist who has been practicing at

A Thai Skin Care, Giffarine

Thai cosmetics brand Giffarine was established 23 years ago and has a strong following in its home country. Now, the brand plans to expand to Indonesia. Thai brand Giffarine officially launched its skincare and make up product series in Indonesia. Photo courtesy of Giffarine/NOW!JAKARTA Giffarine officially launched its skincare and make up product series in Indonesia. A range

Bimasena Spa Launches Tempe Spa Treatment

This sustainable ‘superfood’ has multiple benefits in the beauty department, too Bimasena Spa at The Dharmawangsa Jakarta  invited guests to sample treatments with tempeh as the star. Photo courtesy of Bimasena Spa of The Dharmawangsa Jakarta/NOW!JAKARTA Tempe or tempeh is widely known as Indonesia’s “superfood” made from fermented soy which is high in protein, and a great source of

Harmonious Blend of Sport and Art

Looking for a better way to boost your health? Thai Fit is worth trying! Using a daring mix of dance moves and martial arts from Thailand, this contemporary “dancercise” promises a revolutionary method to keep you fit inside out. NOW! Jakarta had the opportunity to chat with founder Khajittam Phattayakul when the group visited the

Five Couples’ Bonding Experiences To Try in Bali

We invite you to reignite the love between yourself and your partner through these unique experiences. A night at the movies, a fancy dinner, perhaps, coupled with gifts and flowers; these are certainly romantic gestures for any couple. But what if you’re looking for something new and exciting, deep and meaningful, a way to light a

Celebrity Fitness Launched Saltar Workout In Indonesia

Continuing its recently launched campaign #LIVEtoPLAY, Celebrity Fitnes now offers a unique fitness experience through a revolutionary functional training that boosts a jumping exercise into an intense workout that is both fun and challenging. Saltar – “jumping” in Portuguese – is a workout that involves exercises on a trampoline, made from high durable fabric and

Cervical Cancer Vaccines for A Healthy Indonesia

Committed to turning Indonesia into a country free of cervical cancer, the Jakarta Provincial Government in early October provided the city’s fifth-grade female students with free vaccines to protect them from the disease. The capital served as a pilot project; if successful, the vaccine will be included in the national vaccine programme next year. Cervical

The Joy of Working Out

With the launch of #LIVEtoPLAY, Celebrity Fitness introduced a new campaign on November 13th that aims to revolutionize the common fitness lifestyle by enhancing the training experience with groundbreaking workout routines, and thus creating an exciting playground atmosphere. Celebrity Fitness is establishing new classes at its venues specifically designed to optimize workout by combining functional methods

The Miraculous Health Benefits of Water and Sleep

Ask Arianna Huffington, founder of Huffington Post, what her secret to success is, and she’ll tell you, “Sleep.” More people are now sleeping less because of our addiction to devices, leading Huffington to start The Sleep Revolution, which is also the title of her book published earlier this year. But sleeping isn’t the only recipe

How to Tackle A Hangover

Why painful headaches always follow any great night out is an oxymoron often raised and blissfully regretted by partygoers. This recurring phenomenon tends to take place on weekends, holidays and, of course, year-end celebrations. If you experience stinging pain in your head, thirst, nausea, fatigue and lethargy, diarrhea, sensitivity to light and decreased motor skills,

Sensatia Botanicals Opens New Shop in Karawaci

Sensatia Botanicals, one of the most recognizable brands from Bali producing skincare and wellness products, has recently opened its first shop in the Jabotabek area. Located at Supermal Karawaci and in conjunction with long-time Jakarta distributor Greenshop, the new shop is Sensatia’s springboard into the Jakarta market. Founded in 2000 in the fishing village of

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