One of the brands that pay attention to the global issue is Hexagon, owned by Indonesian fashion designer, Zara Tentriabeng.  Photo Courtesy of Photos Zara Tentriabeng/NOWJAKARTA

In celebration of the growing use of recycled and up-cycled materials in sustainable fashion items, Hexagon provides beautiful wearable pieces accessories with thoughtful designs using discarded materials.

Sustainable fashion is all about closing the loop, designing goods with materials that can be easily and fully recycled or biodegraded to minimise the impact of waste to the environment, while also maximising the use of surplus, dead-stock, up-cycled and otherwise wasted materials.

One of the brands that pay attention to the global issue is Hexagon, owned by Indonesian fashion designer, Zara Tentriabeng. The product is a line of bags with hexagonal shapes incorporating unconventional items, such as using customised design laser-cut, medium-density fibreboard wood panels and Javanese brass. In 2016, Hexagon expanded its collection to cover jewellery and it got good responses when it was launched for the first time in Milan Design Week in the same year.

Zara, who is very much inspired by some industrial design items and plays with a lot of geometry and quirkiness touch for her artworks designs, indeed formed the sharp edges of the collections.

“I am a fashion designer but I don’t like playing with fabric. And I love architecture, that’s why I really like working with hard materials and combining unusual materials, which I consider to be very challenging to process into fashion art wear,” Zara commented.

Hexagon’s jewelry materials go beyond stainless steel as Zara puts various modern acrylic in experimentation with mashed colours, printed and lacquered acrylic with various finishing and patterns that gives a modern feel.

And as her contribution to the waste issue in the country, she introduced Reduce-Reuse-Recycled collection by creating a new line incorporate recycled melt down varies plastic waste and recycled woods to wearable art products.

In creating recycled-plastic jewellery product, Zara collaborated with an environment-based community in Surabaya, Robries, a company that made a breakthrough in processing plastic waste into valuable goods from which Zara gets big plastic panels from leftover plastic bags or bottle cup, then turned into various shapes by using computer numerical control (CNC) router cut to achieve the geometrical pattern and form.

Zara also uses recycled woods that have been recoated with deco sheets that are often used for covers or laminates for wooden furniture. To create precise shapes, the woods are cut using laser cutting technique.

“Hexagon jewellery products are indeed what I call ‘turn waste into love’. We produce trash so we have to be wise to overcome it and I don’t want to kill trees anymore, that’s the reason I must take part in this waste issue by creating recycled art products. And I also make sure that all of Hexagon’s collections don’t use products from animals,” Zara explains.

To extend the aesthetic of the recycled collections, Zara puts semi-precious stones from some countries, such as Japan, China and Italy, also silk threads and cotton ropes. Symbol of flowers are also dominant, as an appreciation to nature.

Those who like to wear jeans and white T-shirt, the Pop Art collection (IDR 450,000) can be a good option to decorate your neckline. The asymmetrical necklace describes simplicity and elegant with sturdy stainless steel shape which each side of the end hanging white jade, lapis lazuli and murano stones. Among the stones, white and indigo blue recycled plastic of bottle cups are tucked in as ornaments.

The grandeur of the royal gates in Europe also inspired Zara to present Porta Royale earrings collection (IDR 200,000) which the luxury design is reflected by silk threads and natural colour of recyled-authentic wood.

And from Beehive collection, Zara released a bright pink colour necklace (IDR 475,000) made from solid glass decorated with glass bead and rose quartz stones. For earrings priced at IDR 230,000, Zara chosen acetate for its main material combined with stainless steel and recycled wood.

To strengthen the appearance of those with eccentric and confident personalities, Zara presents Antler necklace collection (IDR 675,000) with the touch of juniper flower symbol made by stainless steel decorated with white jade and labradorite stones also synthetic leather.

Hexagon releases new collection every three-month and each collection is only made maximum for 20 pieces. And the company regularly participate in Milan Design Week and bazaars in Indonesia held by embassies, communities and well-known fashion shows. All items can be purchased on the spot or ordered via Instagram @zaratentriabengdesigns.

Sari Widiati

Sari Widiati

Sari has been an arts and culture enthusiast for many years. She has written extensively on the arts, travel, and social issues as Features Writer at NOW! Jakarta.