In celebration of the Lunar New Year, Agung Sedayu Group presented an exciting lineup of events at Pantjoran PIK, set against a backdrop of thematic architecture and authentic culinary destinations for families and communities.

As one of the most popular leisurely and recreational destinations in Jakarta, Pantjoran PIK organised festive Lunar New Year celebrations in honour of the Year of the Water Rabbit. Tucked within Golf Island in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), the famous destination held a series of entertaining events amidst colourful installations and festive decorations from 20 January 2023 to 5 February 2023.

On 22 January 2023, they held a successful Lunar New Year celebration, which comprised of Liong shows with UV lights, a costume parade, an opera performance about the legend of the 12 zodiac animals, live music, and the crowd-favourite Barongsai dances.

Paying homage to this year’s Chinese zodiac animal, Pantjoran PIK was embellished with exquisite and unique touches to the decorations. Upon arrival, the Lunar New Year ambience is ever-present with colourful hanging lanterns, lines of flowering meihua trees, rows of cute rabbit statues and an installation depicting the 12 zodiac animals in from of the Prosperity Gate.

Seasonal shopping deals were also available at Pantjoran PIK, such as picking red envelopes from the Pohon Hoki in front of the Pagoda or getting free entry to the Pagoda where visitors can enjoy a 360-degree view of Golf Island PIK. Those falling under the auspicious rabbit zodiac are lucky to earn a free entrance to the Pagoda during the promotional period. Besides enjoying the vista, visitors could also learn the history of Chinese Peranakan and about the zodiac animals.

This year’s Lunar New Year celebration will be very joyful and festive. We have prepared many fun events for families and communities to celebrate the beauty of togetherness at this special time of the year,” said Alexandra Francisca Najoan, Marketing Communication Department Head of the Commercial & Hotel Division at Amantara, Agung Sedayu Group.

On 5 February 2023, Pantjoran PIK concluded the festive Lunar New Year season with the Cap Go Meh Festival. According to Chinese traditions, Cap Go Meh is the peak celebration that is held 15 days after the Lunar New Year to welcome a new year filled with good fortune, blessings, prosperity, and wishes for the best. In Indonesia, the celebration often comes with lantern festivals, Barongsai dances and Liong shows, tasty lontong cap go meh dish for some communities, and the sweet nian gao cake to symbolise prosperity.

Further enlivening the merriments, visitors also witnessed the first-ever Pagoda Lighting Show in PIK and a spectacular fireworks display. According to traditions, light symbolises a brighter new beginning to welcome a good year. As such, the Pagoda Lighting Show and fireworks is an iconic event at Pantjoran PIK for all to enjoy. Following the destination’s opening in 2020, everyone can now experience a special Cap Go Meh celebration in Jakarta.

We wish that this Lunar New Year celebration at Pantjoran PIK enlivens the festivities for visitors and residents in the PIK area. Moreover, the spirit of togetherness will help strengthen our ties and bring new hope for a better year ahead. May good luck, health, happiness, and success be with us all this year,” said Anwar Salim, Director of Operating Units of the Commercial & Hotel Division at Amantara – Agung Sedayu Group.

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