Carbon Trading in Indonesia Explained

Indonesia is embarking on a significant journey in the fight against climate change through its carbon trading initiatives. To reduce emissions by more than 30% by 2030 and reach net-zero emissions by 2060, the country has established a carbon exchange, paving the way for onshore carbon trading. This article from tax and sustainability auditors Moores

Universitas Gadjah Mada: Yogyakarta’s Historical Education Institution

With its beautiful batik, palaces of the sultan, art galleries and traditional dance performances the many famous attractions for visitors to Yogyakarta are enjoyed by millions every year. Lesser known perhaps, but no less a foundation of the city’s heart and soul, is Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) an Indonesian research university located on a lush

How Strategic Consultancies Mitigate Corporate Investment Risk

Moores Rowland Indonesia shares their take on how strategic consultancies can help to mitigate corporate investment risks. Indonesia, as a major player in Southeast Asia, has strong economic ties with both the West and the East, which means that any shifts in geopolitical alliances could have far-reaching consequences. This poses a significant threat to major

Making ESG a Business Priority

Ms Tequila Bester, from the USA, and Ms Ratih Ananda Putri Goestoro, from Indonesia, are two forces to be reckoned with at the Foundation for International Human Rights Reportable Standards (FIHRRST) in Jakarta. Focusing on business and human rights (BHR), vulnerable persons and other social issues, Tequila works on social issues that impact business organisations.

Is Jakarta a ‘Smart City’?

The European Smart City working group, comprised of researchers from Vienna and Delft, has systematically operationalized the smart city concept along six themes: smart governance, smart people, smart economy, smart mobility, smart environment, and smart living. It may be hard to see when looking at it from above through the smog, on the streets with

Pre-Fab Home. Are They Fab for You?

Mega-cities such as Jakarta will benefit the most from pre-fabs given its high rates of population growth and urbanization. Photo courtesy of The idea of a pre-fab home has for decades been looked upon as déclassé for being cheap, too simple and lacking in style. Now, efficient yet stylish describe the current wave of

Students Bring Dash of Colour to South Jakarta

Photos by William Woodruf If you travel on Jalan Antasari between Prapanca and Cipete Raya, and look up occasionally from your handphone, you will see a series of colourful murals depicting Jakarta’s Betawi culture and other scenes on the pylons supporting the Antasari flyover. Using various styles, they were all painted by students from several

Northern Soul Dances into Jakarta’s Music Scene

Northern soul (NS) refers to the dance styles and fashions popular in northern England that stemmed from the USA’s ‘Motown’ rhythm and soul music in the 1960s. Photo Courtesy of Dimust Utomo, Farhan Ali, Jakarta Reggae & Soul Club/NOWJAKARTA Although not all that well known here yet, the music and dance of ‘northern soul’ is

Kecap 7: Experience Old School Soy Sauce

If you like Indonesian cuisine, you almost have to like kecap manis, sweet soy sauce, the ubiquitous addition to everything from salad dressings, peanut sauces, sandwiches, scrambled eggs, grilled chicken, pork, beef, fish and everything else. A meal in Indonesia is virtually incomplete without it. It is so versatile you can add it to nearly everything.

Options and Demand Increasing for International Schools in SE Asia

With the number of international schools continuing to expand, combined with a strong trend among parents to provide their children with an English-based education that follows international curricula, Southeast Asia is now a major region for international education. Options for both local and expatriate families are increasing as demand grows, especially in Malaysia and Thailand.

A Duffer’s Romantic Night Out at Cork & Screw Country Club

Is there anything more romantic than dinner at a fine restaurant overlooking part of a golf course? Well, ok, yes there is, but for duffers like me the new Cork & Screw Country Club in The Maj Senayan National Golf complex combines two of my favourite pastimes: eating well and playing golf badly. Cork & Screw

Jakarta’s Answer to the E-Waste Question

Modern times create modern problems that need modern solutions. One of the most modern problems of modern times is what to do with all the electronic trash (e-waste) produced every day in Jakarta and around the world. Today, that is changing for Jakarta residents after the implementation of the city’s collection programme that offers free

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