“The Greatest Borobudur Show” Christmas Celebration

The end of the year is getting closer, the excitement of Christmas and New Year is increasingly felt with luxurious and beautiful decorations in all corners of Hotel Borobudur Jakarta. Choosing the theme “The Greatest Borobudur Show” hotel managed by Discovery Hotels & Resorts, wants to invite all hotel guests to explore all the corners

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Covid-19 and The Indonesian Economy

Alistair Speirs turned to European Chamber of Commerce Chair and President Director of Danone AQUA, Corine Tap, to see how her members are faring and find out her views on the way in which Indonesia has tackled the crisis. We have been under social distancing mode, working from home, office closure, hospitality industry (and most

Embracing the “New Normal”: Are you?

Many people are being urged to secure themselves while maintaining their productivity at home during the pandemic. But is it necessary to be productive during lockdown? The virus outbreak has affected all aspects of life resulting a tremendous fear, and now it’s leading to a breakdown in knowledge and certainty. We don’t know much about

Here There Be Monsters

“The new normal”, as everyone likes to call it, signals a transition to an uncharted future that’s utterly different than before. I’ll even wager many will start calling it pre-Covid-19 and post-Covid-19. Cartographers wrote “here there be monsters” when drawing maps with unexplored parts, imploring would-be voyagers to tread lightly within those parts unknown. We

Hope Amidst a Global Pandemic

In these uncertain times, we always need a ray of hope to survive. Dr. Varkha Lachman sheds some light and shares with NOW! Jakarta her thoughts and experience in the medical world amidst the outbreak. Would you mind sharing your background? I am a general practitioner and I practice in RSU Bunda Hospital. I graduated

The Jakarta Hotels Association on Covid-19

Tourism industry, including hotels and restaurants, is one of many sectors hit by this Covid-19 pandemic. NOW! Jakarta spoke to representative of Jakarta Hotels Association about this. Photo courtesy of Unsplash.com/NOWJAKARTA Speaking on behalf of the Jakarta Hotels Association, Sjefke Jansen, General Manager of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski explains the industry’s standpoint and what the future is

Designs for Care

Indonesia has called for Indonesia’s communities and various circles to effectively hand in hand deal with the health crisis during the coronavirus outbreak. Photos courtesy of Photos Indonesian Alliance of Industrial Product Designers/NOWJAKARTA A group of product designers join hands in the face of the deadly novel coronavirus pandemic by generating some product ideas, particularly in

Surviving the Plague with the Right Protective Gear

With Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) scarce, infection control is now raising a concern. Photos courtesy of PT Dailite Star Modéliste/NOWJAKARTA With Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) scarce, infection control is now raising a concern. NOW! Jakarta spoke to Co-Founder PT Dailite Star Modéliste Golden Epafras to discuss the rational use of PPE and challenges during the Covid-19 crisis. Could

Andrew You: Wielding the Right Attitude Towards JD.ID Success

Andrew You, JD.ID’s Head of Corporate Business Development and B2B Solutions. Photo by Raditya Fadilla/NOWJAKARTA JD.ID’s Head of Corporate Business Development and B2B Solutions, Andrew You shares about the importance of having the right learning attitude in pursuing success. Andrew, would you mind telling us about your current responsibilities at JD.ID and within the Chambers of Commerce? My

The Young and Inspiring Angkie Yudistia

For Angkie Yudistia, nothing can limit her pursuing her dreams; it’s as if she soars through the sky. Photos courtesy of Sweet Escape/NOWJAKARTA Limitation does not stop this prolific lady from achieving her big dreams. She transformed into a strong female figure with a myriad of achievements.  Physical limitation does not necessarily mean a lack of

The Journey Towards Success

What is success to CMO of Starbucks Indonesia, Liryawati?  We met Liryawati, CMO of Starbucks and learned about her perspective of success and how to achieve it based on her own experience. Please tell us about the scope of your responsibilities within the group and how you ended up there. My work encompasses six pillars around

Happy Hearts Indonesia: Building Schools for the Poor

NOW! Jakarta Publisher Alistair Speirs talks to Sylvia Beiwinkler about Happy Hearts Fund (HHF). Photos courtesy of Happy Hearts Fund (HHF)/NOWJAKARTA Happy Hearts Fund (HHF) was founded in 2006 by supermodel Petra Nemcova to help children affected by the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. HHF started rebuilding schools in Yogyakarta after the devastating earthquake in 2006. In 2013, HHF launched

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