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API sources: Data Source: Johns Hopkins CSSE

For live update about Covid-19 cases in Indonesia, visit Get informed, take percautions, and help to contain the virus from spreading.

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Our Emerging Lifestyle

We have seen our life has changed a lot due to the Covid-19 pandemic that requires our skill in adapting to the current situation in the last six months. There is a list of areas in life have been recalled with awakening moments to change how we do business to the way we run our life.
Titled ‘Our Emerging Lifestyle’, we start off with some intriguing pondering by Alistair Speirs regarding applying 11 fundamental rules of self-improvement into cities, specifically Jakarta. The September issue also covers Germany's connection in Indonesia as well as a list of inspirations toward looking forward to the rising trend in culinary and travel.

A new way to enjoy NOW! Jakarta contents, available on your favourite podcast listening platforms.Hear the voices of NOW! Jakarta Publisher Alistair Speirs and NOW! Jakarta Managing Editor Refa Koetin and listen to what they have to say about life in Jakarta.

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